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mIRC ingame?


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Can't see the point in including a in-game irc-client in MTA...?

It's already possible to chat in-game!

And try to imagine 10servers with 10 users each.....

Everyone will see the same messages?

And everyone who's not in a game, and just chatting on the channel, has to see all the annoying messages from the gamers?

I sure don't think that would be a good idea :D

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I concur. If single-player mode was much different and diverse, I could see the point... but nothing is THAT random, just static mission after static mission. Multiplayer, you are already talking to everyone else.. why talk to more people?

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mIRC is an IRC client,nothing more :P

I know that. I was thinking an addon for mIRC which would allow you to control mIRC from ingame.

What are you people talking about? What do you mean everyone see the same messages? I don't think you understand. Looks like I will have to use an example:

Ok, lets say I have mIRC minimized and I start a game of MTA. I want to be able to control mIRC from ingame and see the chat from the IRC chatroom that I am in. If any of you have used HLirc for Half-Life, I want something similar.

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That MIGHT be possible... Use a program to read the chat from mIRC, and put it into the chat for your MTA:VC, any text typed in MTA:VC that had '/irc' at the beginning of it would be placed in mIRC...

So I suppose it is possible, but not exactly a priority.

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