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he gai`s please read this

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he gai`s whij not starting your own online server like gamespy.

only wit whon game but its the best game. :D

and a other idee why not making a multiplayer start ingame imagen :roll:

you wil start your game and there wil be a:


MULTI GAME menu !!!!! :!:



wodent that be graid? :?::D

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well. no offence but your first idea is dumb. Why write more new code for something that already exist in SEVERAL diffrent forms. Also, the advantage of ASE is that you can see servers from multiple games.

Your second idea I like, but probably wont happen, at least for a little while because u would have to rewrite the EXE and other game files, files that if already edited, could cause big time crashes. Also, it would take a lot of extra coding, coding that i would like to be used for lag reduction, and more gametypes.

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