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Bitchin about releases

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I have two messages here. One to the programmers, and one to the Testers

*NOTE: These are just sudjestions...plz dont give me crap about them...*

To The Programmers:

You have serval options, all of which will improve the overall mood of the MTA community:

1.) Make it an open/closed beta (both). Have a group of about 50 guys who know what they are doing, and can contribute to the team, and give them releases as often as possible. A.K.A. Every time there is a new line of code added....give them the new 1. (not literally...but u get my point).

2.) If you have enough bandwith, release a new version weekly, no matter how buggy the new version is, people will be very happy to see the minimal small improvements that are being made.

3.) Dont ever give an exact release date...until you have the updated version finished. If you do give an estimate, ALWAYS STATE REAL BIG LIKE THIS THAT IT IS ONLY AN ESTIMATE. Also, add about 2 weeks onto your estimate, because all major projects like this...especially volenteer ones, take about 2 weeks longer than expected.

To The Users:

1.) Never bitch

2.) Never Bitch.

3.) Now that we have that out of the way, put yourself in the programmers shoes. Think about how hard they are working *cough...arent they?...j/k..cough*. They dont get jack shit from doing hour and hours of programming.

4.) Be a lot more patient.

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I think everybody got the point now, because there are like one hundred threads where's somebody saying how hard they are working and everyday we get a new thread about it, so what if we all forget about it and let the moderators handle those bitchers.

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