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Do you want a teamwork only server?  

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I hope on the next MTAVC that there are teamwork only servers which have special functions and rules built into them. Each team could have half the maximum amount of players.

I also would like it if you could not kill people on your team (not huge protection, but at least so they can't shoot you on foot).

The final thing would be automatic prefixes added like:



of course cops for being on cops side and robr for being on the robber's side.

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About grenades/molotovs: make them not matter whehter FF is on or off... or have a flag that asks that question ;)

Teamplay idea sounds pretty good to me... but is the only point to kill the other team? Dont necessarily need full blown-out missions, but if there was something a whole team could try to do... ie the "objective..." :/

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