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just played 0.2


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it has its ups and downs but its okay.

Good stuff.....

new Weapons.

new Cars.

multi driveing.

new areas?

better netcode.

bad stuff......

the Motocycle bug we all know about.

when a passenger it gets laggy a bit.

i hate that the Team thing aint even Teams. its bascily DM. there should be 2 modes ( atlest 2 modes ) in next version. DM and TDM.

my F10 and F9 and all my Fs dont work ( i dunno why ) so it would be nice if we could config em.

final score: 8 out of 10

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Now I shall explain it easy to you,

Notepad = A very simple text editor in Windows, you can find it in:

Start > Program Files > Accesoires (Dutch = Bureau Accesoires) then Notepad (Dutch = Kladblok)

The Icon is a green with white Icon.

You can run it too from

Start > Run...

You type "NOTEPAD" (without "").

Now you are in Notepad goto

File > Open...

Now you can browse you're files.

Goto your GTA:VC directory (example: C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto Vice City\

There is a file Config.cfg if you can't see it goto Filetypes: and select:

"All Files (*.*)"

Probably now you can see it and open it.

You can bind keys now by editing the file.

WARNING: Make a Copy/Backup from Config.cfg if you are not an experienced user. Because if it goes wrong you can damage your game file.

- Alex3305

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