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  1. Well I was just wondering if it's possible to make it so that if you pick up a certain combination of weapons in deathmatch you automatically become a certain class. For example, if you pick up a silenced pistol and a knife or sword you become an assassin. If you pick up a sniper rifle and a silenced pistol you become a scout...ECT. Sort of like in single player when you pick up the silenced pistol or whatever you automatically can do stealth kills. Each class would have its little advantages...ECT. Speaking of stealth I was wondering if it’s possible to put that into DM. The way I figure it would work is, if you are crouched and still for a few seconds with a certain weapon you are removed from everyone’s radar. Only if they are within a certain radius around you and as long as your not in a lighted area. Of course with that said, being able to sneak up to someone and do stealth kill would be nice. On top of that maybe you can get a little bonus of like 2 frag points or something. Also maybe with that you could get rewards at the end of the match stating your accomplisments during the match. Nothing special but something that would say "sneaky bastard" or say "demolition man" if you used alot of explosives.
  2. even though that video is from an early test it still looks pretty smooth. Can't wait for the final version!
  3. I remember when I used to be on a 56k *sniff* man those where harrrd times. At that time I had a slllllow comp and connection. Then I got a faster connection (verizon dsl) and now a faster comp ) Verizon dsl is like 5 dollars more then Aol over here in USA. In any case I know of some servers in other games that will kick you automatically if you have a certain ping.
  4. yeah firefox is great! no more crashes every few mins!!! good by IE! go suck something! ahahaha that and I can flip back and forth to like.... what 20 websites without leaving this window!! omg I can post links with no problem ! ahahaha I love this program! The download manager and popup blocker and extra security isn't to bad either . You can middle click (middle click again to close em) links to open them in new tabs... come on now thats just great. (though it'll start to eat up a chunk of memory at one point) btw what plugin can I use to visit sites that absolutly want you to use IE?
  5. Well they can hypothsis that what was side can be done... doesn't mean anything is 100% possible till its done. In any case lets all hope for the best .
  6. lol cap the hooker hold the slut....
  7. am just wondering how all this is possible!?!? (if it is guess Ill be returning to MTA )
  8. "Not to sound pessimistic, but the only change I see is in the Hummer video... That's nice and smoooth... " yeah especially if that video was from the passangers point of view. If so....
  9. Very funny when the hunter is hovering over you and you know on thier screen they are nuking you and wondering why you aren't dead. yeah its fooking hilarious
  10. Problem: While playing online a weird bug occured that brought up the save game screen. I accidenly saved my game in slot 8 of the save game slots. This causes me to get a black screen when I try to play regular vice city or mta. Fix: go into your game save folder, (should be in your mydocuments folder) then delete the extra saved game. IF you had happened to have a game saved in the slot that was courpted opps sorry your gonna have to delete it.
  11. bounce... bounce... bounce...... huh what? uh yeah sure mini games bounce.. bounce... bounce
  12. jail break.... any person that gets killed by the cops gets sent to jail.. it'll be 2 teams cops and robbers or something. They robbers can try to bust their teammates outta jail.
  13. would be nice to have a jail break game mode where any person that gets killed by the cops get warped to the prison or something.....
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