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Peds??? Why???


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I asked this question in another thread, but I thought I'd bring it the main table because it's been a big question on my mind...

Why do people want to see peds in MTA so bad?!?! I don't get it. I don't want to see them in MTA because 1. What's the point? 2. It would just make things more confusing! How would you know who to kill for points?

The only reason for peds is just to have something to kill...personally, I'd rather just kill real players instead! Ok no, wait...I just thought of ONE cool idea...there could be a game mode where players try to kill the most peds and who ever kills the most wins...but I'd probably be over that in a day.

Just me?


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First off I'd like to say that I don't think peds should be in MTA. They'd just get in the way IMHO. With that said let me do a 180 and ask if it's really required that the peds be synced up? It might look a bit strange to see someone beating the hell out of, or shooting up, thin air but atleast people could have thier peds and you wouldn't increase the bandwidth needed to play the game. Anyway, just an idea.

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peds would be cool, especially if u could get hundreds of them at once like on gta2 (that was so cool driving down an ally to find hundreds of peopel running frantically around)

But i gotta a feeling theres gonna be a pesky limit on the amount of peds in the gta engine for some bizarre reason..

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yeah i agree cops ASAP ... but how do you get star levels ? only by killing players ? so normally nobody will have the army after them ...unless it was global system which takes me to the following :

the star levels would be global or player ? ... global (team) would be a good way to go, the team pays for the sins of 1 :wink: ... cause to sync player star level and the police after each player should be like adding peds ... alot of bandwidth

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