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  1. well according to the topic i fink i come mighty close to the crappiest computer here. but i have 2 of em so i guess they cancel each other out 1st comp 800mhz AMD Duron, 384mb sdram (yup none of that cool ddr stuff ), 20gb hhd (low speed), GeForce 4 mx 440. But hey it runs gta vc and war3 so im happy 2nd comp 600mhz pentium 3, 320mb ram, 8 mb vid card and 10gb hdd. and its a laptop. used as my mp3 / leaching / internet / work comp most of the time. and it plays war3 on low graphics so i can play lan ne time i want well there ya go. maby i should splearge a bit and get a quad-digit processor
  2. Madd Dog


    what if its a red fireball sticker it makes my car go faster, or i like to think so
  3. how in the world can u say that 0.1 is better then 0.2 1. there are multiple spawns to help reduce the huge amount of genade spawn campers 2. multiple people in vechles 3. heaps more cars in the map 4. MUCH better netcode 5. some anit-cheat protection happy?! edit* 6. the health bar for player names 7. the new chat window man the list goes on
  4. all your base are belong to us i have this much |<---------------------------------------->| (not to scale)
  5. why not do the gone in 60 seconds thing play mta .2 while having sex dont ask me how that would work thoe
  6. Madd Dog

    PEDS !!!!

    problem with that is if a few packets dont reach their destination the sync does really REALLY bad. simple answer, there will be no peds for a long time or even never in mtavc.
  7. "Arrrr, this chair be high says I!! arrrrrr" -blackbeard in the simpsons Arrrr, me thinks thee should take up thy sea wothy chalenge of gold and plunder. arrrr.
  8. Madd Dog

    How to jack

    well it could have looked even worse if he was asking how to jack the cheeta ok ill shutup now and let everyone point and call me a dirty mind
  9. Madd Dog

    vice city pc

    yes, mta runs off vice city so you need a copy installed on your pc to play online.
  10. Hi, i may be new around here but i know not to ask for release dates n such, but a good friend of mine is running extremelan (http://lan3xtreme.ausgamers.com/) in Melbourne Aust, 120 ppl on the 20th and 21st September and i thought this might be a good place to get some free attention towards your mod. I will be placeing 0.1 on the main ftp there but i think it would be really cool if 0.2 could take its place. Not trying to rush you or anything but from all the testing picts that are being posted on the main site i thought there may be a slim chance that 0.2 may be ready by then. again im not trying to rush you in your great work so far but just as an idea. If no i totally understand but if yes either email me, [email protected], or send a pm to rocket ryder on the extreme forum and mention me. Madd Dog
  11. yeah me too, i cant believe anyone would fall for the 5 can trick,... .... .....stop looking at me....
  12. actually if theres only two people on the hub both people will be getting more then enough bandwidth to each other. Still a switch is better.
  13. your forgetting the snipers, bazoka, and the massive chain gun like the one in preditor.
  14. i got this idea off one of the missions in gta3, random glow spots apear over the city (max 3 at a time) and everytime someone gets one it add one to their score, and moves it to another spot in the city, whoever has the highest number of point after an amount of time wins. you could make this intresting my adding some of the spots in areas where people would have to do jumps n such, i dunno, it was a fun mission.
  15. cool, thanx for the info mr bump. 0.2 is gonna cain.
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