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MTA in aussie gaming mag!

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I just got my issue of Hyper today (aussie gaming mag). And they mentioned MTA in their news section, good news.

Here it is quoted


"Gaming geeks can be incredibly rescoureful. Just take a look at multitheftauto.com. These guys have managed to produce a multipolayer mod for GTA III on PC that is only a few megabytes in size, simply by trawling through the GTAIII code for pieces of multiplayer code tgar Rockstar left behind from an abandoned play mode. The mod supports up to 32 players, but the MTA guys recommebd only 10 to 12 players per server. They have just released their vice city mod, so check out their website now for more information on this crazy mod!"

heehh, just thoughtid let you know :lol:

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I just joined here because I saw your name/title in ComputerGames mag (Oct issue). Its more about how people are moding GTA then just about you. But hey, it brought me here, dont know if you care or not. :P

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To quote the main news page:

We are looking for articles in gaming magazines. If you have one may we request to send a scanned version to us. Please do not forget to tell us from which magazine it comes since we need to ask permission of the publisher to post them online.

You can mail them to [email protected]

So, if you have any information regarding MTA in print, please send it to the aformentioned email address. Where you got it, when it was printed, etc... etc... would be amazing as we are trying to gather all of the resourses that we have had.

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Hey guys, keep them coming.

We are in the process of looking at all of the articles and trying to figure out more information about them, etc... etc...

Thank you for all of your submissions and please, if you find any more information about anything, then let us know via the [email protected] email.

Thanks again to all of you!

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