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Suggestion: Multiple respawning points

Guest RedawgTS

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I'm sure someone has suggested this before but I'm gonna suggest it too. We need multiple respawning points. I'm sick of 2-3 people going psyco and shooting everything that moves in the respawn point. Or worse yet, throwing a steady stream of grenades. It'd be nice if you could either choose a different point on the map or even having a random one. Good respawn points would be: Sunshine Autos, the airport, the mall, the collosium, the docks.

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Terminator - give me your clothes

stripper - Talk to the hand caus teh face dont want to hear it...


Terminator - Now!

What is this?

I don't understand the function of this!!!!!!!!!

can u tell me?

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Heh i know i dont get whats such a big fuss about people getting there post counts high, it dosent prove anything apart from you got too much spare time on your hands or not much of a life. :lol:

u took the words right out of my mouth...Wellllllllll, it must have been while u were kissing me. :D

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