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Another Spammer

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Ok, on this server, lots of cheaters go to. We saw a guy flying a packer :evil: .


This guy was a spammer and cheater. If you see him don't play with him. And mta server admins, check ur logs and ban his IP. Another cheater was aldur . This is getting really annoying. Please let there be trainer check in 0.2 :D

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that game really sucked. if it wasnt the people with the trainers it was the damn spammer. thankfully cray managed to kick the guy usin the train. his name was aldus. it sucked cause I saw him using the mini-gun and he was movin super fast. dont wanna complain to much cause there aint much to be done other then havin an admin come in and kick him. be glad when the next one comes out and most of these punks cant get away with this. why play the game if your gonna use trainers? come one. :evil:

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all standard dial up connections in the uk have dynamic ip's (where its different everytime) you have to pay extra for a static one here, i don't even think all broadband connections have static ip's here.

i would suggest banning the network address + the computer name, so even if it changes everytime it'll still be banned, i'm not sure how you find out the network address from hte computer address, (if you don't know heres an example, network address is the first part, ie with my isp its always like 62.255 thats the network address then the client address is always the (62.255).1.2 if you get what i mean, i doubt many people would have the same computer name, and then using that it limits them to that isp (soz if i appear to be talking stupid and no one cares :P)

also this way in order to change your computer name you ahve to restart everytime, and i don't think many people will want to restart there computer every 5 minutes to get past this....althoguh thinking about it, banning hte MAC address would be a lot simplier, however i think thats pretty hard to find, i know blackICE finds it so its not impossible

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