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  1. Hah, we've (VCK) been claiming the estate since the beginning. It's rightfully ours.
  2. Thanks for the positive comments. I made it that way for a reason. Most of it is navigation, you go click skins, see what you want click it and be gone. I call it 'simple yet effective'. It's not great, I can do much better, but it gets its job done.
  3. I only asked for comments on the layout. Not my skins.
  4. Well, I don't see you doin it and makin a site. I did it because alot of people liked my original. (REDRYS)
  5. I've launched a site for my skins. There isn't much yet because I havn't located all of my skins and I still have alot of work to do. Comment on it so far anyways. Rys' GTA Skins
  6. He kept crashing my game. I couldn't even play dammit!
  7. RYS

    My new skin...

    I used a texture affect to do that. But it looks ok ingame so I'm not owrried. It's only my second attempt. My next will be better.
  8. I got bored and made a new skin for the original player. No need to ask permission if you would like to host it but please give me credit. Features: - Skagen 39SSS watch - Lighter jeans - Brand new Red and White Adidas - Red shirt - Bloodshot eyes (yeah, he's been tokin!) - Cleaner sideburns Comments please... Here it is in a cutscene. Cutscene version below. INSTALLATION To install the player skin simply right click the first player model and save into the folder "grand theft auto vice city/skins" To install the cutscene version save the second player model to where ever. You will need viceTXD for this. Open "grand theft auto vice city/models/gta3.img" in viceTXD. Replace CSplay.txd with the second player model. If you don't understand something ask.
  9. I only had one problem besides the ocasional crash of VC. I was playing with my friend and he was saying he stole the car I was in a few moments after I had flipped it and it exploded. After a few disconnects and reconnects on both parts it was fine. Win2k SP4
  10. This reminds me of Quake III. When you're in "chat mode" You have a little blue thingy over your head liike this[i will insert pic here check back later]...implementing this would be cool.
  11. RYS

    teammode carcolour

    That's a great idea. Reminds me of Red Alert 2. You make a spy, desguise him as your enemy, and if your keen you can tell he;s an enemy and kill him. Great idea.
  12. RYS


    This draws from competition. What if people wanna compete to see who can do the most/best stunts with one given car untill it's destroyed?
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