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MTA Team awarded 13th in "15 modders that changed PC gaming"


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http://gamingbolt.com/2010/03/20/15-mod ... pc-gaming/

GamingBolt ran an article on ther 15 most influential PC modding teams and MTA Team came 13th!

“PC mods, or modifications, are one of the primary reasons why the PC is often looked on as superior to its console brothers. Mods can be anything from new game modes, to new units, to graphical enhancements to complete game overhauls. However, behind the mods are a team of focused, dedicated people, who rarely get the accolades they deserve.”
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas takes the award for having the largest living GTA universe. Some argue that it was the best game in the franchise- and the massive amounts of free roaming and the (slight) emphasis on realism really helped push the game above and beyond people’s expectations. One thing the game didn’t have though, was multiplayer. This was sorely missed in a game with so much racing and free roaming potential, but luckily the good folks behind MTA found a solution. What started out as an experiment with crude forms of online racing has turned into the one truly decent, fully functioning multiplayer segment to a great game.

I've always felt MTA hasn't received half of the attention it rightly deserves in relation to the effort that has gone into it. The entire team should be very proud of their accomplishments, and congratulations on the accolade!

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Go full recognition. Ramirez take out that publicity gun!

It is great that MTA is getting more popular among even the newer generation of online gamer. And amazing that it has enough folks to reach such a good position in a competition over multiplay revolution. Going deeper I think it would have qualified for the top 5 easily.

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