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  1. I once read a similiar topic about guiGetScreenSize which wanted to place a GUI in the middle of the screen. Had to divide the height and width of the screen and then subtract GUI's height and width divided by 2. middle height GUI = (screen height)/2 - (GUI's height)/2 middle width GUI = (screen width)/2 - (GUI's width)/2 That starts making some sense. But seeing that you don't want to have it in the center. I'm sure you saw the dxDrawText wiki page. There you see this: local screenWidth, screenHeight = guiGetScreenSize() -- Get the screen resolution [..] dxDrawText( playerZoneName, 44, screenHeight-41, screenWidth, screenHeight, [..] This might come helpful?
  2. Andre9977


    lol, who the fuck is this master-super-hacker azeroth. some stupid skid.
  3. If you're talking your own local computer (not a server running Windows) then run a XAMPP mysql daemon. This will be helpful and will also bring you local phpMyAdmin.
  4. It isn't a MTA bug. It is just that imagine the amount of people who have to download the resources (often like 5mb or so?) and then there's high bandwidth usage, etc. etc. That causes your download to be slow. Or some fileserver fail.
  5. Write into the console: stop resourcename start resourcename ... for both, the freeroam and admin resources to restart them. And in your case it probably needs to be mentioned that you need to replace "resourcename" with your resource's name!
  6. Not to cause server overload you shall move frequent timers like that to the player's side. If code like that executes on the player's side the server doesn't receive extra load from that. And for many things that in SA-MP for example you use a workaround (healing the vehicle in a timer) can be avoided in MTA using a simple function (this case setVehicleDamageProof) Sebas, I don't think the timer would be much of a killer though, specially if we don't include any hard calculations or very thorough code there. I've had a timer looping through 200 online players every 500 milliseconds and the features were very essential for the gamemode (I'm talking SA-MP).
  7. Dear, MTA is, as robhol said, a GTA online modification. But I just got to add that it is by far the best with most functionality and mastered synchronization.
  8. For a second I thought you were trolling. But no, there aren't bugs that would make the game unenjoyable, in fact MTA is the best online modification for GTA. As an extra you get a very friendly and helpful community, probably thousands of functions and did I mention... to play the best modification? Anyways if you find a bug then check if it is listed in the bug tracker - if not, report it! When downloading a resource from a server and the download hangs or doesn't start properly or anything that must be the server's problem. The game background is changed intentionally to look much better. MTA lags less than other online modifications you might find. There might be some lag caused by your game or your hardware configuration or the server executing some bad scripts on your side.
  9. Andre9977

    Serial ban???

    You'll need to store the banned serial somewhere (for example MySQL as Mini-Missions does) and then when a player connects, check if the player's serial is among the banned list. That's what you'll need. Also a command to ban a serial would be useful. Yes. MTA doesn't have a "shared (official) ban list" like SA-MP has (SprunkBuster) for example.
  10. Andre9977

    Serial ban???

    https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Serial The difference between a serial and IP ban is simple. IP ban can most likely be evaded (if not range banned) by changing IP easily. I don't think evading a serial ban will be any simpler, if possible at all.
  11. Laptop - Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit Desktop - Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit (don't ask about the bit D:)
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    The creature behind the GT Stealth 280 box looks disappointed.
  13. Go full recognition. Ramirez take out that publicity gun! It is great that MTA is getting more popular among even the newer generation of online gamer. And amazing that it has enough folks to reach such a good position in a competition over multiplay revolution. Going deeper I think it would have qualified for the top 5 easily.
  14. This post will help you decide. https://forum.multitheftauto.com/viewtop ... 83#p305246
  15. 40mb! Not nice, I'm roaming so I get like 30kb/s on this 3G network but I really want to check it out so I'll probably be able to read it in some amount of time.
  16. 6+ years. That's awesome indeed.
  17. MTA works with 1.0 only. You'll need a downgrader patch to go from 2.0 to 1.0, but beware of the Hot Coffee stuff, lol (jk) This might help you: http://grandtheftauto.filefront.com/fil ... atch;74661
  18. The "door" of Area 69 is a little different than other IPL maps I'm afraid. That is somewhere in the scm. I don't know for sure, but I just overheard a conversation about that a year or two ago.
  19. Andre9977

    NPC's in MTA?

    NPCs in MTA can do everything that they can't do in SA-MP. They're more like the actors in leaked 0.2.5, but the only thing about that is there are still more functions and features. And they certainly don't take up a server slot.
  20. I wouldn't consider the support at ServerFFS any good. Specifically if someone's had a bad day and now expresses it on the costumers asking for support or is just being full of sarcasm. Also the servers there seem to really have some problems, for example a Netherlands unmanaged VPS can't stay up for more than 3-4 days straight due to hardware failures about which the customer receives no notice until he starts bothering the support enough for it to catch Wouter's attention. The server start/stop/restart command panel can be replaced easily using PuTTY or your ownmade small PHP script to run the SSH commands. The file manager can be replaced by a FTP client which brings more functionality. You can see your server CPU/mem usage using ps ux. FTP accounts, MySQL users and databases can easily be made in your (often free) control panel. ServerFFS also used to have some kind of a "service level agreement" thing. A €120 subscription even got the orderer free scripting support and an hour for answering help tickets. Regularly I had to wait 48-72 hours for my ticket to get answered. When my server was down due to the often long-lasting hardware failures or some kind of "transfers" then the support started ignoring mine and my friend's live support requests.
  21. It isn't the best to do queries like ... WHERE `name` = '...' because that will get slow if you have a slightly bigger database. It would be the best to add a index for the name (ADD INDEX(`name`)). Even better would be to make your table id-driven - that's infact the best solution so you literally ADD PRIMARY KEY(`id`) and make it AUTO_INCREMENT. If not using phpMyAdming then ALTER TABLE sql-command will help you to make it AUTO_INCREMENT. Then you would literally load the `id` into a variable for the player. Then you can easily run queries optimized and faster, like this -- where playerID is the database ID for the player executeSQLUpdate("yourTableName", "`SpawnX` = '" .. x .. "', `SpawnY` = '" .. y .. "', `SpawnZ` = '" .. z .. "'", "`id` = '" .. playerID .. "'") That would make it UPDATE `yourTableName` SET `SpawnX` = '.. x ..', `SpawnY` = ' .. y .. ', `SpawnZ` = ' .. z .. ' WHERE `id` = 'playerID'
  22. Andre9977

    MTA and SAMP

    He's aware that MTA is a better mod (and I'm not talking about the way it is ran, which obviously better, but its functionality) and that's why he keeps posting. Out of disappointment and feeling bad over it.
  23. People are finally starting to understand which is the best. The audience yet isn't what it deserves to be for such an awesome mod like MTA, but it sure will be. And a major difference that keeps coming out is the difference between people who play MTA and who play other mods, of course the players on MTA are more sophisticated.
  24. Andre9977

    MTA and SAMP

    oh dear Sugar. Put it to you easy, if you were someone from MTA and debating on SA-MP forums you would have been banned 20 seconds after making your first post which mentions MTA.
  25. Because that's what you did in your code. I didn't check the parameter for getPlayerName.
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