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GGM 0.2 is OUT

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Great news. :D

Don't you think this is a bit cheeky though Draco?

Serverlist for GGM :

IP/Port Name Players Version OS Unnamed Server 1/16 0.1 GTA3Mods.de - GameServer 2 16/16 0.1 Unnamed Server 0/16 0.2 Win32 _ Test Server 24/7 Inetium 16/16 0.1 Dracos GGM Serv [GTAT 0.3 OUT] 0/16 0.2 Win32


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yeah it is :D

GGM version 0.4 clients and servers are released.

GGM client for Windows 98/ME/2K/XP and GGM server for Linux and Win32.

New Features/Changes:

Support for GTA 1.0

Changing Island works now (to ALL islands, including airport)

Gametype/Mod catch pink panther (no point counter yet)

Player won't be displayed as car anymore

Client still works with 0.2 servers

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