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  1. same here man. I sent them an error form yesterday just to let you know. post here if you have that problem! EDIT: I reinstalled MTA and now my config is back which for some reason the other F keys disappeared. here I linked to one you can use. remember to make a backup copy in case this happens again. http://thefoilies.netfirms.com/misc/config.zip
  2. so far I have been the cops most because I think when people think of them, they think of being teams. It's been pretty good, with the occasional team killer here and there. the robbers also seem to be good teams but I have not been one that much cuz there outfit is stupid.
  3. sometimes, my F10, F11, and F12 keys will not work with MTA but they work fine in Windows. any help here?
  4. sometimes, my F10, F11, and F12 keys will not work with MTA but they work fine in Windows. any help here?
  5. if you are using windows 2000 or xp, go to START > SETTINGS > CONTROL PANEL > SYSTEM > advanced tab, startup and recovery. in the middle, uncheck automatically reboot. now instead of rebooting, you should get a blue screen with some kind of driver name and then you should be able to narrow down to what might be conflicting.
  6. in the client, you have to press the START button is the lower right corner
  7. maybe it will stop when we can all update all seeing eye
  8. how is money going to be integrated into the game?
  9. It could be bad or good. It would be fun for everyone to lets say, gang up on the hunter person until it's blown out of the sky. but then it is an unfair advantage also because of its firepower. same with sniper rifle, but spawn camping/sniping would suck but it would be fun to just run around sniping people from far distances. I dunno.....
  10. I doubt it. I think it's because of the physics but in SP you can ride on cars.....I dunno....
  11. wooohoooo!, only one more progress square to go!
  12. will others be able to hear each others horn/sirens in v0.2 ?
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