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Has it really been 5 years?



Wow. Time sure flies. I remember it back in 2003 when things were starting, the community was great, I and a few others had a great blast with the fun that MTA was. I myself only joined "the scene" when MTAVC's first release happened. Boy do I remember people trying to find out who were others, everyone calling everyone else a cheater because of the bad syncronization (that got improved over time), the endless gun fights in Malibu near the only player spawn, joys of the first versions.

I met a few people playing this mod, started my own clan (or gang, lol), SM. Those were fun times. Months later I had the previledge of being seen as trustworthy and got invited into beta testing. Some friendly community faces I knew were testing too. I also talked to some developer team members now and then, watched the developer crew change as both old and new developers came into the scene. I have retained some contacts and we speak seldom. Testing new versions, playing in crowded servers with the great community, the gang activity between names like ULK, SM, VCK, VCP, KFC, the forum drama queens like DeathB and Wheelman, the irc master Robpol86, that all made it very fun and memorable.

Just wanted to say this. Bloody hell, have 5 years really passed?

Those who still remember me may recall I may not be the best to express myself through these sort of posts :P

I do miss those fun days, but that's the way of life.

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Hey hey Boss, long time no speak :( how's tricks?

i LOVED those spawn wars at the Malibu.. i had a route i used to get all the M60's on that island and then just kill everyone at the Malibu.. was awesom! But you're right, it doesn't feel like 5 years ago! madness.

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I remember spawning at malibu lol. I think it was mtavc 0.2, around september 2003 as Boss said. On that time we were still not able to go two persons in the same car but it still rocked :D .

/me misses mtavc's chainsaw (rawr!) and mexican wars at airport.

I remember playing at robpols too, fighting people like Mr.Bump, [KFC]KungFuGrip, [VCA]Loendal, Rocket_Guns, Archer_Lemur.. ahhhh the mtavc old times.. :cry:

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Damn, why'd you have to bring back those memories? :) There's something about MTA that I never felt with any other multiplayer. I think because it was because we all knew that we were the enthusiasts who made it, not any big company, and that it was all about what WE wanted, and what WE thought was fun. It was that, and the community. You would see developers and forum mods playing along side with you. You would never see that in any other game. Regulars would pop in almost daily on the servers. You could start any clan you wanted at any time. I can't forget it was also the way the game played. It was fun finding glitches and sharing it with others. Who here hasn't bitchpacked a dodo to fight at the Mansion in a SSV server?

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