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GOE is gay...

Guest Inky

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This is what SpYder said in a GOE forum post:

yes cool but network browser generates much traffic and is diffcult:

You can see that problem in MTA (ASE problem: the correct player number is not shown)

and in gta3Tournament which you can not play on LAN ...at the moment.

It would be realy cool if the ggm server could generate the server list page when playing this game on LAN parties.

ggm rocks. MTA is crap because the replay function has been disabled (game crashes)

I told him off cause, MTA kicks complete ass now that YaMM is here (MTA kickd ass b4 though)!!

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if they were able to get rid of the lock-ups, I'd probably be playing GGM instead of neither. (that's right. 801 posts, and I've only played MTA twice [and yes, that's every version] :))

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since ggm hasnt been worked on since like november 2002 I have a feeling the project is dead, unless barna is working on ggm for VC (good luck man), but there is no point calling a project "shit" or whatever, ggm is still a good mod, and showed us what is capable with the mod.

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