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Scripting Tutorial 2 - MTA Snow


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i can think of a way doing that in race map editor... put down tanks to shoot (block them from moving) and let hydra's be the flying thingies...

only hydras would shoot at eachother (to block them from doing that you will have to wait for DM i think) and people and tanks would be extremly bored... and probably never hit... with scripting you could make it more fun maybe... by making scripts that will teleport you back to the beginning when you hit the end or something like that. that could give people in tanks a lot of fun... cause they get to retry every 30 seconds or so... and hydra's would be flying pretty long...

one question about this though: if we would do this, and teleport the hydra's back to the beginning, would they keep their speed when teleported?

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IMO this is`nt so cool as teleport and crazy clothes.

once again, you are missing the point these tutorials are about.. if you want to see the 'cool stuff' watch the christmas vid, if you want to find out how all those things were made possible read the tutorials..

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