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  1. I'm just curious, but isn't wankenstein maps named that way because Wankenstein made them?
  2. This should be made into a short guide in my opinion, and stickied somewhere where people will find it.
  3. The GTA:San Andreas system requirements is pretty much what you need to run MTA, since it's the same game engine.
  4. Strepto


    Better than what exactly? We haven't been able to script in any MTA version afaik.
  5. Strepto

    Wild LOop

    I loathe them! Maps like it is a scourge on MTA servers! Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against YOU, I just don't like those kinds of maps.
  6. Strepto

    Wild LOop

    Got a tip for you Hed, DON'T! Seriously...
  7. I think you might be getting pissed at me by now, so I don't know if this will get you to calm down or just make things worse. Dude, it's a good idea, which is why it's been suggested before, again and again. Just not quite in the form that you have pictured it. As for similar threads: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=19838 viewtopic.php?f=16&t=19347 viewtopic.php?f=16&t=14473 viewtopic.php?f=16&t=14689 viewtopic.php?f=16&t=11731 It's difficult to come up with completely original ideas, so keep trying, the community needs it.
  8. Wasn't trying to be an ass, please just read this: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=6790
  9. latency and throughput are not synonymous
  10. Good suggestion, and oh, did I mention that 10231024124 people have suggested the same thing months ago?
  11. I just had a thought, these people who complain about the mod not being done and released. Are they just really devoted to MTA and have nothing else to do in their spare time? No other computer games, no hobbies, no friends? The world doesn't revolve around MTA does it?
  12. To anyone who has ever whined about DM: If you have all these great ideas and feel that there are things that could be done differently, then why aren't you part of the dev team? Or can't you just put in some effort to learn script LUA and offer your help to the devs and make a difference? Have you put up any effort to CHANGE the current situation, or did you just come on the forums to blow off steam because you're pissed at something else? These days everyone's whining about DM not coming out and whatnot, and somehow they think whining about it will make the devs work harder, or at least release a public beta. But the truth is, the devs hold all the cards, it's their game and if they say it's not done and they're working on it, then that's the extent of what you'll know about their progress! I suggest all of you start trying to help the MTA team instead of just telling them what a shoddy job they're doing, if you have programming experience then maybe you could help them that way, or if you can learn LUA then you could help them that way. Or MAYBE you could just give them a pat on the back and say "Keep up the good work guys!" To the MTA devs: Keep up the good work guys! I'll wait for as long as you need to get DM to quality you want it, and I will help you in any way I can.
  13. Ok, well performed little stunts, but nothing hard. Stuff like you did is done regularly by players on DD maps, if you want to impress people you'll have to do better than that.
  14. Strepto


    Mictech was updating the kernel and accidently pushed a cable into the CPU fan, so the comp crashed during update, thus ruining the filesystem. It'll be up and running again soon enough.
  15. How can you ask for 100 quality maps, and then ask for dinghy falls maps to be included? Did you want quality maps or not?
  16. I know that the news said that we should wait for further word, but I would like some more info on how to volounteer properly. How are we supposed to let team know that we're here and willing and able to help?
  17. Thinking about it a while I realise that you can protect the records being uploaded if you encrypt the results with a key that is known only at the local and central servers. This would however only stop fiddling with transmitting fake records. The real issue is the ones that cheat ever so slightly to get a time that is good enough to be the best, but not good enough to prove that they have cheated. Anyone got any bright ideas on how to make a record system such as this secure?
  18. Indeed, that might be hard to spot... That's why we should discuss it
  19. Yes, of course that would be possible. That's why you need someone to keep an eye on the records that are sent in. Actually, you don't have to monitor the records too much, because if you display all the records and not just the best ones, then the players could identify cheated records and report them to an admin. It would also be fairly easy to control which servers' records are displayed on the website. If a server uploads alot of cheated records then you could ban them from the record server.
  20. This idea was inspired by the records thread started by Aeron. I know that this is a feature that probably is best realised through scripting, so it's not necessarily directed at the devs or QA team. So let's assume that we have a few maps (probably race maps) that are called official maps, perhaps those released with the client. So every server has the option to save records on all maps, and upload the results to a central record database. Of course you'd have to CRC check the map etc. to make sure that maps with the same name make it in to the database. Ideally the records on each server should be saved so that it's easier to find faulty or cheated records, so when a faulty record is uploaded to the central database the server admins can go back and remove the record from their server, so the next time the records are updated the faulty record is removed on the central server. This feature could serve as a sort of ladder for players that like race maps, as well as show the player skill of each server (to some extent). I think that it's fairly easy to make the LUA code to collect the necessary data and store it locally, and since we can share the code this only has to be done once. But someone would have to host the central record server, or there could be many who host their own record servers (seperate ladders) and then the server admins choose which servers to upload the record to. This idea is still very basic, so please share your opinions on what's good and what's bad, or how you would do it.
  21. Ehm, and why should we use this and not the in-game map editor?
  22. Strepto


    Wether you play MTA or not is irrelevant. Since the MTA devs don't make any money off of this (as far as I know) it doesn't matter how many people play their mod. Although it's nice to know that people like your hard work. So in short, what you do is up to you. And I don't think the MTA team will be in a hurry to stop you from playing another mod. But I do have a question about the DM server, I know that it's a vague question that might not have any answers, but still. Is there anything software that needs to be installed on server prior to being able to run it, or anything else that would help server owners out pre-release. Even if the answer is "it's just like race server" then that's fine, just want to know
  23. Horrible music, I couldn't bear it!
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