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as i understand it u find a sever in ase and press there and the mta program comes up and then u launch gta3:mta and press sstart game :arrow: start multi theft auto... that far it goes good then u alt+tab out of the game and press connect to server and go back to gta3, but i cant alt+tab out of it, what should i do?? plz help me...

i have win xp 1.75 ghz

geforce 3 ti 200

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i have xp to but if you use alt tab it is standing in emergency mode (em) but you can always use the windows key just press it for 4 seconds

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Just hit ctrl-alt-del once, and it should open up the task manager... the task manager should minimize all the windows (why didn't I think of that sooner? :? )

CTRL+ALT+DEL opens "Windows Security" for some XP Machines

Could also try

CTRL+Shift+ESC to open the processes

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i have trouble alt tabbing as welll i just hit start-r-cmd-alt+enter+altenter

opens a command prompt fulll screens then unfull screens

works well at refreshing the desktop if you have issues

kinda a pain in the butt but works 99% of the time


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this is another question about alt+tab, i think this is very bad and it has happend to me a lot. i get into mta go to the credits adn i press atl+tab. it minimizes it and then a error message comes up saying kernal32 and illegal operation :!::shock: and this has happend b4 with some of my other games when i alt9+tab for other stuff and then it completely freezes, i can only move the mouse, and nothing works and i have to manualy reset my computer, even ctrl+alt+del dosent work

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i used to get this bug each time i load gta3:( what is do is picture in my head where gta is going to load next to what program on my taskbar. then when i go alt tab i can see my mouse but the game dont tab. so you start clicking around where you think gta loaded and alt tab again boom! works great had this problem with bouth gta3 and gta3vc only seems to happen with the geforce cards driver update fixed it :D

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