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Sapm Stroy

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well rofllmao thanx yar!!!

here other stroy:

Cj is now in hospital because ballz driveby, cj mad and sad, gs sad to.

lmao cj owned in hospital, ballz owned cj, now cj become butterfly lol :B-fly: then he eat popcorn :popcorn: then he jumps out window from hospital and cheats a hydra :tomcat:

now cj flys away and do rocket to ballz town BoOmSkI!

ballz mad and driveby plane from cj :car26::rightfighter2:

cj crashes his hydra and hurts self, now cj in hospital. ballz ented hospital and say omfg noez....

lol rofl lmao end!

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CJ spits Dr.Damnit out And cj rofl eatasttts ransom omfg...

now cj ate ransom and he goes in a random car :car5: omfg now cj become big :wrestler8: omfg now cj hav sucky face :big5: omfg now cj sad :big4:

cj dreve in his car lol. he see ballz :leftfighter1:

he not droveby he shoot a foot, now cop come and owns ballz with car kill :car8:

now cj step out and kill cop for no reason :violent3:

the end lol wanna see more just stay tunned roffl

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Lol wrte yar own sa sapm stry lol.

Once upon a time a guy joined MTA forums and spammed the heck out of it, then he got banned, its sad really. I wounder where Dr. Dammit goes now? SAMP forums? Nah he would have got banned from there too for saying anything bad about SAMP...

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