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Announcement regarding "serial validation" on cloud (gaming) and VM services



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1 hour ago, rugunac said:

I used to play MTA San Andreas on Virtual Box in my GNU/Linux PC

It remains possible, make sure to read carefully and also see https://updatesa.multitheftauto.com/sa/trouble/?tr=serial-validation

As long you control the PC (host machine) you're fine.. 99% of the impact is on cloud gaming only, because the customer has no control over the machine that runs the VM.

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So.. Im trying to run MTA on archlinux using wine, after it launches with some seconds, mta freezes and crashes with a message of


There was a problem validating your serial

any idea?


Heres some info:

OS: Linux

Distro: Arch

Wine version: wine-7.11

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On 16/07/2022 at 17:43, stinixx said:

Anyone here can help me how to use it on cloud gaming (shadow tech) im still searching for find a solution to work but nothing!

As the topic describes, there's no way to play MTA on cloudservices like Shadowplay anymore because you as a gamer doesn't have access to host system to validate your serial. Therefore there's no solution or workaround to your problem.

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