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  1. Dutchman101's post in could not create direct3d font "tahomabd" was marked as the answer   
    Atleast 3 font files located in C:\WINDOWS\fonts\ are corrupted or of unknown version, open cmd (comamndprompt) as Administrator and enter:
    DISM /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth (after it finishes, reboot PC)
    Now open commandprompt once again and enter: SFC /scannow (hopefully it will restore the font files to default) + another reboot.
    After the SFC recovery, go to the earlier mentioned folder, C:\WINDOWS\fonts\ and doubleclick the restored versions of tahomabd.ttf, tahoma.ttf & verdana.ttf to let Windows 'install' them.
    your GTA installation is also heavily modded, including files like fonts.dat. I suspect that some GTA mod you installed also required to manipulate Windows OS's fonts and replaced the earlier mentioned ones. You can see the destructive effects of such a mod now.. please re-install GTA with a clean installation, and incase you did before.. make sure to never again lower the folder properties > security options of the OS folder  C:\WINDOWS\fonts\, especially not just to install some GTA mod.
    Also, your Windows is in a pretty bad health state overall, which may cause the SFC and DISM scans to fail.. if that happens, I suggest you download and run this file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9yrjnjrkrkg7c6n/servicing.bat?dl=1 (rightclick > run as Administrator) before trying both DISM and SFC in cmd again.
  2. Dutchman101's post in you were kicked by (VF #209050000) was marked as the answer   
    VF #2 kicks are usually because your PC is infected with a virus or malware.
    There are 2 reasons:
    - Something external (like a virus or cheat, perhaps for another game) is trying to write to the memory of GTA or MTA data files
    - GTA or MTA data files (DLL) have unauthorized mods or are corrupted.

    1) Run a full anti-virus and malware scan. Clean anything that it finds.
    For more information, visit this page
    2) Re-install MTA and GTA San Andreas with a clean, unmodded version. This ensures files are not modified in ways that will kick you, and that changes to (or quarantaining of) DLL files made by a virus that you now removed with a scanner are reversed.
    3) Do not run any dodgy software that you can imagine may try to hook, or write memory to, any DLL files it can search and finds interesting; this is characteristic for viruses that want to infect any suitable files on your PC, but it can also be a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) or anything that relies heavily on tampering with execution of other software to function, so-called intrusive software.. imagine stuff like overlays or software that claims it can help you do something with any other software.
    You can end processes of software (or disable them) one by one to find out the culprit if the problem persists after following all of these instructions. If the problem persists, we also advise using multiple scanners, and also malware/PUP/rootkit scanners.
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