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  1. Player peds walking speed is defined by its animation, you cannot change it via setElementSpeed.
  2. Use https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/SetVehicleVariant on the created vehicle and pass the desired arguments.
  3. -ffs-PLASMA

    CL24 MTA

    we dont provide support for custom MTA forks. ask province for support.
  4. MTA only works with the OG version of San Andreas released back in 2005. MTA does not support the new definitive edition of 3D era GTAs.
  5. Your previous pastebin link said something else. If so please run the diagnostic tool again and post new pastebin link in here.
  6. As Vampire already mentioned previously, your GTA is heavily modded. Please reinstall to get a clean one. MTA supports only unmodded GTA installations.
  7. Theres no way to protect such scripts from getting shared/cracked. To be honest, I advice you not to spend any time on that, at the end its a cat and mouse game, just like with cheaters.
  8. Game freezes if you tab out and in too quickly, not sure if its a general issue but I dont have it on official client. No crashes so far, everything works fine, though game drops frames real bad when finalizing physics before boxes turn green if you have too many (>1000) of them but I guess theres no solution/workarround to it.
  9. Make sure the directory or the user starting server process has rights to write to the directory.
  10. Theres nothing we can help you about missing anticheat component. The only solution is to use windows or at least a windows VM and then run MTA.
  11. -ffs-PLASMA


    Install GTW outside your OneDrive folder, eg. local on your disk.
  12. Just don't run MTA and faceit at the same time.
  13. Maxplayers limit is 4096
  14. FFS Gaming provides classic MTA maps from that time. Either join classic OS/Race room to play with others or training room to play selected maps alone.
  15. No thats a client issue, server cannot do anything besides scripting an alternative not to use CEF.
  16. There's a chance MTA could run on steam deck OS with wine/proton, though no guarantee. Other than that, you can also install windows as a second OS on your steam deck for problematic games.
  17. Edit: Crash results from CEF loading which does not work on linux wine. Join a server which does not require CEF.
  18. -ffs-PLASMA

    delete proxy_sa

    proxy_sa is the same as gta_sa, theres no way arround it when using MTA. I recommend using no mods and try different servers if you experience lag ingame.
  19. Even if the trology gets released on steam or any other platform, it will get shipped with RGL like they do with GTA5, so yeah we can be sure on that. If we can use rockstars API to authenticate a player having a legit copy, we dont necessarily need a serial system as the username/id will be the unique key. Yes it can still be bypassed by buying a new copy for 60$ but it will become expensive over time for the bad guys. Though I got nothing against a second internal serial like authenticating system provided by the mod.
  20. Just wondering, how much compatible would such a lua to binary compiler be in terms of: 1) Can I take a 10+ year old lua resource/gamemode (including deprecated functions) and will it convert 100% into binary with updating old functions? 2) How accurate would the convertion of conditions/statements be? Could there be an issue of misinterpreting long/complex operations? 3) Will it optimize variables/functions and remove unused/redundant code? Will it print out warnings/errors/tips and tricks during conversion for the user? The idea of signed code running on client is a strong point, giving injectors less chance to be successful.
  21. That leads to the well known problem of syncing. How do you sync physics behaviour between clients it ultimatively depends on clients FPS? What I was refering to is make a simple collision mesh of the default SA map, load it completly or in chunks into server, but without built in GTA functions as you will quickly hit the limit. Once the server has such a navigation mesh, syncing of elements (vehicles/projectiles) could be offloaded to server for more accuracy rather than depending on clients sync.
  22. More interesting question would be: - Is it compatible with default SA world collision system? So I can use it with default SA map/objects without any further modifications. - If the first point is true, serversided logic will be hard to implement since server is not aware of the physical SA world. We talked about this problem in general and someone came up with a simple collision mesh of the default SA world being loaded by server to handle certain physics calculations, though kinda got lost somewhere.
  23. I guess this is what youre looking for. Draws a reticle where the turret currently aims at. https://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=18306
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