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Team Idea

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for the next one if theres going to be teams it should be red team and blue team.. . Blue team will have blue arrows on their heads and blue dots on the radar. Red team will have red arrows on their heads and red dots on the radar.. good idea or not?

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nice work, now people wont instinctivly head for the mass of dots on the roof and wonder how they got up there =P

or strt uzi'ing someone to death that was up until 1 min ago active and wonder why they are not fighting back =P

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Would u be able to remove the arrows from one of the teams completly?So its red team with arrows whatever blue team without.Or how about that u are only able to see the arrows of your teammates. :?The enemy dot should be shown on the radar though(maybe with a different color if its possible). :?

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Maybe Highlighting players on teams the same color


Players on Team 1 are blue

Players on Team 2 are red

" " 3 are yellow

" " 4 are green

" " 5 are Purple

" " 6 are Brown

" " 7 are White

" " 8 are black

and so on if you need more teams.

If its possible,if not then maybe rings around them in the same colors.

Arrows can give off sniper positions too easily and make most stealth tactics ineffective.

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