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When we are ready to implement the gametypes, there will be an option to join 'the force', and you will be kept busy by the criminals (also human players). No plans for computer controlled (AI) Police has been made yet. There most likely won't be any.

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it would be fun if the police was chasing somebody that was chasing you ... , but not you :D

or on the other hand ... how about a global type of crime ? the stars would increase for all players with every infraction ? like everybody beeing wanted because one ran over a cop (or 10 :wink: )

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that was an idea that was discussed when mta first came out

the police could be almost a third team, as basically, on missions, they are there to aprehend all players (who break the law), how the star based system would work etc is too difficult to go into without multiple situations

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Way to make the police system work (in theory):

If the wanted level is 0, you are not allowed to bust/kill anyone [boring].

If the wanted level is 1, you are allowed to bust the person or whack them [chasing].

If the wanted level is 2 or over, you are allowed to kill the person [action].

And the mode choosed, who to bust, can be selected: team [massacre] or individual persons [vigilante].

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I wanna be a copper eh. Bust some gino asses, while still keeping cool with the sk8ers. (I know, I dont make any sense) I know im not supposed to ask the releese (screw spelling) date but im just really hyped up on killing some bad dudes :cry: TELL ME THE RELEESE DATE!!! :cry:

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