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Yeah this is 0.1 and that is version 0.1 and not 0.3.

I'm keeping on working to have cars in the next release.

Now I have an start-version wich must be added with some features, and those are coming soooon. Wait for next release ;).

Have fun by getting frags.

Cya, DracoBlue

PS: If you can't see others moving please tell me when this happens, I want to fix it i next version.

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god damnit this is shitty, it gets a invalid argument like every second and some german words i dont understand it it shows my wrong ip and when it makes it on the list and i click it my real ip dissapears and how r u sapossed to view the servers even halfway down if it refreshes every second?

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yes it has lots of bugs but draco was coding it all alone so he deserves some credit, the gui is messy and like iggy sayed some german words just pop out of no where :shock: also it enters the gta3t site each time you start the client and it just drives me mad :wink:

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