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Found 9 results

  1. I would to create a server core with python i start the server on localhost with udp port (34219) i recived a data from mta it was "MTA-CLIENT 1.5" but the problem how to show the server in the servers list and how to get ase port and thank you
  2. I have a problem with ports open , I've opened it from my router but it's said ports is closed , see this pictures ....
  3. Witam, Mam problem z połączeniem się ze swoim serwerem MTA. Próbuję postawić serwer MTA na chmurze Google. Wszystkie porty ustawiłem dobrze (sprawdzałem 3 razy) natomiast na stronie https://nightly.multitheftauto.com/ports/ jest napisane że każdy port jest zamknięty. Nie wiem o co chodzi, poproszę o pomoc w tej sprawie. Dziękuje
  4. Hadyyy

    connection refused

    servers is not showing up tries to join by using IP/Port and i got this error
  5. So i started creating an mta server.I edited the config files,then I started to open the ports.I have all three ports opened,but when I type in the cmd openports it shows that all ports are closed.I checked everything,my firewall is off and i have static ip.Any solutions?
  6. I make server But when more than 2 players join the port "22003" close automatically. Please tell me How to solve this problem.
  7. Hello Guys I have a problem , and i want to fix it my server ports is not opened and
  8. From the modem interface I opened the port in Advanced>NAT>Virtual Services. But when I write openports, they all seem to be closed. The firewall is closed and there is no antivirus program. How can I solve this? Sorry for my bad English.
  9. Hey community, I need some help. I host my server Today and everything was perfect. Then restart my server and there was a problem. For your information I have all the ports activated and verified, the firewall allows it A friend wanted to enter my server and could not. My server was not listed on the Internet. Right now I do not know what to do. I hope you can help me. In mtaserver.conf everything is perfect, try to verify it with another problem of another user and still not working. Thanks
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