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  1. I will try to convert MTA scripts to GTA San Andreas. But I don't know nothing about that BTW, there is a mod named "MoonLoader" for single player that can load Lua. MoonLoader link
  2. What is the counterpart of MTA functions in single player GTA San Andreas? My English is bad, if you don't understand what i'm asking, there is a more simple question: MTA functions = What(in single player)?
  3. I don't know how to make a shader. Can you explain me how to do that?
  4. I said replacing, not adding. I wanna replace the existing paintjobs.
  5. Anyone can explain me how to replace paintjobs? I wrote this script and it's not working function replacepaintjob() paintjob1 = engineLoadTXD ( "elegy1.txd" ) engineImportTXD (paintjob1, [562]={0}) paintjob2 = engineLoadTXD ( "elegy2.txd" ) engineImportTXD (paintjob2, [562]={1}) paintjob3 = engineLoadTXD ( "elegy3.txd" ) engineImportTXD (paintjob3, [562]={2}) end addEventHandler ( "onClientResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()), replacepaintjob) addCommandHandler ( "reloadmodel", replacepaintjob ) And please explain me how to use paintjob IDs in MTA Wiki Paintjob.
  6. After a year(and some re-installs) i tried to open a server with working ports again. And, this problem is still happening. BTW, Firewall is either disabled(sorry for late reply)
  7. My computer language is Turkish.
  8. From the modem interface I opened the port in Advanced>NAT>Virtual Services. But when I write openports, they all seem to be closed. The firewall is closed and there is no antivirus program. How can I solve this? Sorry for my bad English.
  9. IP : Port : 22005
  10. My server has been working for a long time, but suddenly broken. Other people if starting game are getting a timeout error when they try to enter the presentation. How can I fix it? Sorry for my bad English.
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