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  1. x16

    MTA Past Contributor

    Cheers Woovie, I doubt the others would agree but it would be great if it did happen.
  2. x16

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas fellow Players.
  3. Why would you need so many in one area? What are you creating? are you sure it's MTA and not your computers memory?
  4. Hi to those who remember me & Hi to those who don't know me from back in the day. I was welcomed into the MTA:QA Team by ijsf as a graphics designer. I created background you see in the game client and on the main page of the website behind the logo. Obviously it has been updated quite a bit since then but the original idea was created by me (I don't think anyone will remember and they will probably say someone else created it ) Would it be possible to be considered as a MTA Past Contributor? I sound cheeky haha. Kind regards! x16
  5. I used to administrate Betefield DD in MTASA:Race. The maps then were hard to get a hold of then but fun to play (that's what brought the players back) I recently spoke to one an old MTASA:Race friend, he has a tonne load of old school MTASA:Race DD maps, however, they all need converting which is a painful task to do manually. Converting MTASA:Race maps to the current format (with objects) is all good but it involves re-adding spawn points and pickups. I am not sure if there is a converter which does spawns, pickups and objects. I am not sure if this website helps: http://maps-for-mta.my1.ru/index/maps/0-6 Some of download links for the maps are dead but you might strike lucky.
  6. x16

    MTA map problem

    Are you using a personal server on your PC and jumping the Map Editor right after? This will make two of the same map. I cannot understand why your .map file would go from 5mb to 8mb. It's a rather large map too...
  7. x16

    Flickering objects

    Were those walls implemented using the map editor or is it a part of the GTASA map?
  8. This is helpful, thanks
  9. x16

    YumProzac's maps ::

    nice keep up the good work.
  10. x16


    @KWK: are you always like this with people? i find it highly rude.. your not cool. I do have a life.. i don't sit myself staring at a computer day in day out. Reduced down to endless scripting and map making, you consider that a life? pahah i find it also funny. im suprised you took your time into writing that last post. you should be proud. P.s: Don't bother replying because i'm calling a end to this so called "i want to be the next MTA Biggest Fan" grow up? __________________________________________________________________________________________________ @Norby89: I don't see where there's a rule either but with what SanZoR did everyone got pissed off about it. Im not saying im "pissed off" with KWK, Maybe if you all thought for one second he could make a topic "KWK Maps & Scripts" whats stopping him editing his old posts? whats stopping him adding new stuff to one topic insted of making a new one everytime? I rest my case. I won't be replying to anymore posts.
  11. x16


    please dont give me attitude... just make sure you make a topic for all your things in future... Regards.
  12. x16


    KWKSRV in future please make sure you make one topic for your maps and not mutliple ones about your new maps. Your technically spamming. SanZoR was warned about this by Moderators. Please don't make the same mistake he did. Regards.
  13. MTA's lost all meaning to me... tbh i don't play it no more. all i can say is good luck to them and i hope they finally release the DP3
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