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  1. nice to hear that ill wait then i have the time besides i got exams now so if it's released then is a plus for me because only this week exams then i have the time to look at this so good luck blokker i wish the mta group all the best. so when my exams are done i come back here to look ifit's released or not but if's not released i dont come cry! so i'm not dissapointed if it's not released yet because i can play in that time enter the matrix and vice city so take your time guys see yah!!
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    so this board is closed i think you have done the right choice because i didn't liked it too that everyone asks about a release date while you haven't even given a release date i had that too with my program i said a release date and i got a problem and everybody was mad on me until i released it when the problem was fixed i say close the forum until release. then open it that's what i have done and Good luck! if it's out i come here to test your program and test ggm too so i know which one i like the best.
  3. no i can't send this movie to you but it's downloadable there if you look under the movie player you see a filename which you can download the name is cheaterlow.wmv or download it here: http://www.dolphinpicture.de/video/cheaterlow.wmv
  4. Well i had that at first too but if you install divx then is shall run fine. i had divx normally always installed but i had uninstalled it i wanted to play the movie but didn't work so i installed divx again everything worked i played it with divx player media player and even winamp. so everybody that got problems with playing the movie just install divx nice movie but why is everybody standing in one line that's something i dont understand only dev and the other one is on the street the rest only standing still.
  5. i think it's his computer because he was getting on the end something of the computer so i think his and because if it was from th lanparty she weren't going to throw it on the street and sry for my english
  6. it's maybe old for you my friend but it can happen in real so think about it if you go to a lanparty nice secure hehe i like this movie
  7. this is very funny and cheaters can learn from it: Go here: http://www.dolphinpicture.de/page/movie_cheater_dsl.htm
  8. ok i got it all fixed it was in the registry wrong i regged over again now its working cool i can start my chat application again and fixing stuff in my chat application.
  9. hey maybe i can fix it with an other winsock dll so can someone that makes programs in VB.NET give me his (MS winsock control version 6) that is the name of the winsock control thnx for helping me. maybe IJsvogel uses the same control that i can try his control and registering it. because my winsock control dont work anymore sry for my english because i'm dutch (The Netherlands)
  10. that dont work i tryed it already before it's just not working i think i throw it away because i cant get it too work anymore and i like winsock sometimes because you can use with very nice thing like my chat application or my messenger but sometimes i dont like it because i screw sometimes my projects up because of winsock but i like it for my chat application. but now i can't use it anymore
  11. hello all this question is not for MTA it's just about programming with winsock but the problem now is i programmed yesterday my new chat application but today it's saying that my Winsock ActiveX control isn't licensed but that isn't right i have it licensed it always worked but today it dont work anymore i use VB.net for the control but i mostly program under Delphi,Kylix 3 , Visual C++, C# and VB.net what i use now but does someone knows how i can fix this problem.
  12. He i didn't say that this was shit how this works is very nice but i got trouble with this program because it crashes sometimes or an error and if i use GGM i dont have it but i didn't say that this was a peace of shit if there is a version coming of this without problems im going to use it then maybe. if there isn't a other game coming like (BREED , Chrome , Halo) but if one of those is ready i think i never play gta3 anymore and the devs have done good job! i can't do it better and it free that's something i like about this. sometimes i think why i use GGM while you guys were starting developing this you guys actualy needs the credit that something you guys need to have. the credits that GGM gets deserves to MTA that's what i think but for now i use GGM i will look in the forums always. not only for MTA , for good sites of gta3 and stuff too
  13. i like GGM more because i dont get any errors and if i use MTA i got errors if some cars are exploding but do i use GGM no problems at all so why using mta if GGM is working much better for me and a couple of guys had problems too in MTA i didn't got runtime errors in MTA but if i play MTA for 3 hours it crashes sometimes near 3 hours of playing and if i play GGM never got problems but the problem of MTA i think is that we not have the same connection in GGM i play with the guys only with same connection maybe that's why it's working so good but that it isn't released yet is not so big problem of the delay. i had it once i was programming in Kylix 3 i said a release date and i got problems so a dealy after it. so what i mean is be carefull with saying a release date i'm doing it in a way if i say a release date like i want it on friday then i always make it ready for 4 days earlier because if something is going wrong then i have four days to fix it and releasing it. so i had the same mistake like you guys so say in the release date always some extra days if there is something going wrong you have then time left to fix it
  14. I played GGM and i heared that everybody got an error but i really never had a error but i play on private with 8 players and there is no lag if you want i can show it to you by playing it together on my server then you ll know what i mean all the 8 players had no errors or lag the trick we using is only everybody got the same connection and Blokker you said that i come back the anwser on that question is simple no i dont come back to use this never! because i used 0.2 of your team and i got many errors and sometimes crashes so i think GGM is more stable then this yet maybe 0.3 is getting better but for me is this history never use it again i mean really never!!
  15. I doesn't interest me anymore if it get's released or not GGM i like that one very much never get trouble it never crashed my computer or gta3 i let the cars explode there is nothing wrong then so i stick with GGM, so for me is this History! Bye Bye GTA3: Multi Theft Auto maybe i look when there is a version so the multiplayer menu is in gta3 but for then i play with GGm very much fun and no problems but if i start a server it's not in the list of GGM server i use it as private so bye
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