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  1. I have a new monitor. there is a huge amount of input lag because of MTA locking the refreshrate to 60hz. If i get 60 fps at 144hz then the input lag is gone (experience from other games). So is there anyway to make the refreshrate at 144hz?
  2. Vertex's that are not lined up correctly wont do anything. The texture that you have applied should be called X, that X texture name should be also the same name in TXD editor. Also keep in mind, gta sa will bug for some reason if you dont have the correct texture resolution. Correct ones are 16x16, 32x32 64x64 128x128 256x256 512x512 ect. But normally the texture X that you applied to your model doesnt have the same name in TXD.
  3. Holy :~ nice! Will it support vertex illumimation, alpha, lighting in the near future?
  4. Basically stuck with this problem, since we have an amazing map editor which is so great, it wont delete map objects. I want to delete these lights, but they dont have an object ID nor can you select them. If you have encountered this problem and you have a solution, can you post down below please? Thanks. https://imgur.com/a/qDPTgtW
  5. What is your discord again? It doesn't work. I'd like to get in contact with you.
  6. I could recommend you using kams script 2018, from goldfish on gtaforums. Try that one out, most of the known bugs are fixed.
  7. You could be stuck at a few points. Either you have a bad script or a bad export tool which could result in a error message.
  8. Quick tutorial on how to import files. Programs I use: - IMG tool (just search it up on google and use the one from gtainside) - Kams script. And 3ds max 2019 (don't recommend 2019) 1. How to extract .dff and .txd from gta3. - First of all open IMG tool, go to file and then click on open. Then find your gta3, you will have a list open. Find the .dff you want to have and right click on it and click one extract, and then put it on your desktop. Same goes for .txd files (You can use txd workshop for this. don't recommend it but I use it. Magic txd is a good one to use.) https://imgur.com/a/fUbf2S8 2a. How to import files in to 3ds max. - Open 3ds max, go to the right hand side. You will see a wrench, click on it and scroll down to DFF IO. Now you see a pop up on the left hand side, Press on Import DFF and now find your .dff file that you want to import. https://imgur.com/NeoqwU0 2b. If you are importing player models, you have to do the same as what is described at 2a, but you have to click on the ''A'' (when its enabled it will be shown as yellow). https://imgur.com/A45gLKQ When you are done with changing your models or something else. Now you have to export it. 3a. Go to the wrench which is top right, click on DFF IO. when you have the pop up, click on Export DFF. You will have a list of options. Select Skip COL. You don't need the collision for .dff file, there is a seperate file for it. When you have done this, click on export DFF and export it on your desktop. https://imgur.com/eSZ19gL 3b. For player models, open Export DFF and click on Bones/Skins Export. (make sure you have the ''Skin'' Modifier selected otherwise it will bug the script). And export it to your desktop. https://imgur.com/Xn1v5yb Extra step for 3a. You now need a collision since you don't have the propper collision to your modified model (if you changed anything structurally). This is how you make a .col file for it. - Go to the right hand side, click on the wrench. scroll down untill you see Collision IO. You will have a pop up, now click on ''Collision mesh'' and then click on your model. The name will change to your models name. Once you have done that, you need to put a name above ''Export''. You can put your models name there. Once you have done that you can press on export. https://imgur.com/EGZM9Ks If you still have an error, I will kill myself.
  9. So first question: what script are you using? 2nd: are you importing a player model?or just a object? If its a dff, you should be able to import it, or its corrupted. Im not home right now, but when i get home i can give you a quick tutorial on how to import files and which programs i use.
  10. Can you post a link to your dff file? Ill check it out.
  11. Hey guys, I am searching a scripter who has great knowledge of english language. I am searching for someone who knows lua language aswell. He/she needs to be experienced. I will pay the person (actually he will get a part of the income, but I will discuss that later). But we need to setup the scripts first. Fyi, all the moddels are done and some other stuff. We just need a scripter who can put a dot on the i. Add me on discord if you want to talk with me about this subject. TR1ppl3#2221
  12. What is ur discord. I wanna talk with you.
  13. you should try to reinstall that script, also it should work normally. ill explain how to export collision. first go to your Utillities, go to Kam's GTA script. press on collision IO, once you have done that. you should see on your left hand side a bar, click on Collision mesh and click on your object (it doesnt matter which object as long as they are connected, also check if your objects x y z are at 0,0,0) and then if you have a car (for example) you can press on shadow mesh and do the same. COL3 should be selected. and then write a name above export. and then export the file. PS: download kams script via gtagarage.com
  14. First of all smd, but there you go I found the answer: https://knowledge.autodesk.com/support/3ds-max/getting-started/caas/CloudHelp/cloudhelp/2015/ENU/3DSMax-Tutorial/files/GUID-5BA72891-97EC-4688-8B50-9FACCF1FF040-htm.html
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