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  1. Most likely that's an issue with permissions. Can you try to chmod the folder recursively in filezilla (right click) and set it to 755? @BurN ✸
  2. What is the problem? Any errors?
  3. dbExec( dbSecurityConnection, ' UPDATE `Test` SET `m9cko`=? ', m9cko )
  4. Show what you tried.
  5. Why would you do that? To execute code clientside, it does have to go to the client' computer, that's how networking works. Focus on serverside code and try to put everything there, leaving clientside only for clientside code. You can make it hard but you can never make it impossible.
  6. Retrieve the information from database and use givePlayerMoney to award it.
  7. Hey there folks. This is part of leaked code from the Owlgaming script and no support for it is provided. Cheers.
  8. keymetaphore


    That's an easy fix. You don't have to concatenate the end of the string if it's not followed by anything. function ad (msg) outputChatBox ( "#fbe0ff[Hiradó]: " .. msg, getRootElement(), 255, 255, 255, true ) end addCommandHandler ("hirado", ad) This will work. If you want to continue the string after msg, here's how it would look: function ad (msg) outputChatBox ( "#fbe0ff[Hiradó]: " .. msg .. " and yeah", getRootElement(), 255, 255, 255, true ) end addCommandHandler ("hirado", ad)
  9. With the code you supplied you are showing a bad example. If you have further questions bring this up in PMs.
  10. Please view the article formatting code and indent your code properly, I don't think this belongs in scripting support section.
  11. What do you mean? Downloading a database especially for a web client connection on every page visit? Not gonna work.
  12. Hey. I was about to make a UCP for an upcoming project but figured out that it doesn't use mysql to save all the data like everything I have used does it. So I got a question, how do I access both the login info and data saved with setAccountData from web? I figured out that I can try to make a call to the server from web using the SDK, but how would I go with accessing the data inside the login database?
  13. Sorry but I am extremely late for the media. It was pretty hard arranging the times so we can take some, and these are some basic screenshots. A video of a full scenario coming up soon! Also, please mind my name, when starting a match, every player gets assigned a RP name, also known as fake name and I created a function where you can set a permanent one. I got original.
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