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  1. Hugos


    Did not understand a little. Can I see an example of a function that generates a random number in a range? P.S: I use Lua random.match - https://www.gammon.com.au/scripts/doc.php?Lua=math.random (not api)
  2. Hugos


    I created the function math.random (10, 20), but I get 10 all the time. Help please! How do I always generate different numbers?
  3. Hugos

    Check zone

    Ok. Thanks you!
  4. Hugos

    Check zone

    So this code will work if the player is in areas that are specified by a single array?
  5. Hugos

    Check zone

    Hi everyone! I created an array in which I pointed out street names. For example, Los Santos array: local location_ls = {"Vinewood," Marina, "Mulholland,"...} I need to perform one function when the player is in Los Santos. How can this be done?
  6. Hugos


  7. Hugos


    Please tell me if it is possible to set the weather for a certain region (LS, SF, LV)? So that everywhere is different, not the same.
  8. Hugos

    Server (requirements?)

    Mods optimized. Players like 4000)?
  9. Hi everyone! I don 't know if I wrote in the right section of the forum or not, but there was a question. Please tell me what the requirements are for the server to keep it from hanging and working well? I mean the hardware itself: Processor, RAM, etc.? + What speed should the Internet have? (25, 50, 100, 300, 1000 Mbps:) )
  10. Hugos

    Save time

    Hi everyone! Please tell me how to save time to log file when the server is shut down? (It is necessary that at shutdown) PS: fileWrite(create, ...)
  11. Hugos


    Not that. I want to create something like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k0W5c7VZT-o
  12. Hugos


    Hi. Tell us what features are needed to create NPCs that can walk and drive?
  13. Hugos


    Help! I can 't understand how to set up "guiSetAlpha" with "getTickCount."
  14. Hugos


    Oh, right! Thanks)) And how I didn 't think of it.
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