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  1. Well , the next one to get released is the one im sticking with. And it this rate it likely wont be MTA.
  2. Stuff like this is really necessary because , well , the admin can make any kind of scenario he wants...
  3. With administrative commands , any scenario can be created. Here are some examples. "/bustmode ON/OFF " Gives or removes the cop flag to a player. "/givecar " Place a car with the selected properties. If teamtag is on that car will appear on the radar for the specified teams. "/carspawn " Place a car with the selected properties. Car will spawn regularly. "/ezcar " Puts a car on a road near the specified player using tank cheat coordinates. "/giveweapon " Gives a weapon to a person with the specified ammo amount. "/buff " Increases specified persons armor and health by specified amount. "/placepowerup " Places specified powerup to a selected location. "/explosion " Creates an explosion at the specified location. "/explode " Explodes the player >=) "/reset " Resets the player to default status and removes their weapons "/kick " Kicks players ip. "/ban " Bans players ip "/laydown " Makes player laydown. "/bust " Makes player lay down and then teleports you to that player, aiming your gun at them. Make sure you have the cop flag on. If "withplayer" is used , the player specified by "withplayer" will be doing the busting. Again , make sure they have cop flag on. "/setteam " Puts player on a team. "/tag " Tags the player for viewing by the specified teams... "/carmaxspeed " specifies the max speed percentage of that players cars... "/summon " Summons player or team into the general vicinity. "/move " "/admin " Admins a player to a certain admin level. Only level 3 admins can admin players and ban them, level 2 and above can use the rest of the commands, and level 1 can only kick. 0 is a normal player. "/cheat " Gives a cheat to a player. For example , /cheat flyingcars 8ball would give 8ball flying cars. "/cheat " performs a cheat for self. "/allowcheats(ON/OFF)" Whether or not to allow cheats. "/nocars " All cars appear locked for specified player. "/motd " Set MOTD. "/model " Set model for player. Overrides team specific models "/model " set model for team. "/medicflag " Gives player medic flag "/prostetuteflag " Gives player prostetute flag "/playsfx " Plays specified soundfx at location... "/getloc " gets location of player. "/getroadloc " gets location of a road nearby player Anyone else got some? Be creative =)
  4. I think that when the admin aims his or her gun at someone who is laying down , they should get "busted" as if a cop were aiming the gun at them. and they could say something like /laydown that charecter lays down or to make it even more convenient /bust Not only does the charecter lay down but the admin appears aiming their gun at them
  5. This is from the main page. Yet I see no such progress counter Also notice the glaring typo "mta\'s" that has been neglected. Are we going senile here?
  6. Dont be offended, but I find your suggestions to be a little under-detailed and spam-ish
  7. Maybe give it a lot of hp instead, that way you cant just shoot it up really easy, it would take awhile to wear it down and get it back
  8. Actually , I chose the coach because its easy to steal back. Just park cars in front and behind it and surround it, then take it back. once its at the base the player must get out of it. The reason is should be bulletproof and dentproof is because destroying it might mess up the game script. and would make it too easy. So you have to steal it back
  9. I suggested this on the other board , here is it revised.. There are many different types of players on each team , protecting a coach.The object of the game is to get the enemy coach. And bring it back to your base. Thanks to Bacon for the idea of capturing the car. The coaches that must be captured are bulletproof flameproof dentproof etc Heres what each field means: Prostetutes:That type can get prostetutes MaxHP:The maximum HP MaxBP:The Maximum Body Armor General Speed:The speed, as compared to the normal , that the class can go Weapons:Weapons used Advantages:Class specific advantages -Soldier- Prostetutes:Yes MaxHP:100(125 with prostetute) MaxBA:100 General Speed:75% Running Breath:75% Weapons:Handgun,AK47,M16 Advantages:Can run while using AK47 Per Team:5 -Prostetute- Prostetutes:No MaxHP:100 MaxBA:100 General Speed:Normal Running Breath:100% Weapons:Handgun,Bat Advantages:When in a car with ally , ally can park in a secluded area and get it on Per Team: Not limited -Cop- Prostetutes:No MaxHP:100 MaxBA:100 General Speed: 75% Running Breath: 50% Weapons:Handgun,Shotgun Advantages:When aiming at a foe who is laying on the ground , that foe becomes busted Per Team:2 -Scout- Prostetutes:Yes MaxHP:50(75 with prostetute) MaxBA:50 General Speed:%150 Running Breath:Infinite Weapons:Handgun, Uzi Advantages:+x2 speed in car Per Team:3 -Heavy Weapons- Prostetutes:Yes MaxHP:75(100 with prostetutes) MaxBA:150 General Speed:45% Running Breath:50% Weapons:Rocket Launcher,Flamethrower,M16 Advantages:Can run while using M16. Per Team:4 -Grenadier- Prostetutes:Yes MaxHP:100(125 with prostetutes) MaxBA:50 General Speed:100% Running Breath:125% Weapons:Grenade,Molotov Cocktail Advantages:None Per Team:4 -Sniper- Prostetutes:No MaxHP:50 MaxBA:50 General Speed:100% Running Breath:50% Weapons:Sniper Rifle Advantages:None, but with a sniper rifle , its not hard to get one hit kills Per Team:2 -Thug- Prostetutes:Yes MaxHP:125(150 with prostetutes) MaxBA:100 General Speed:100% Running Breath:50% Weapons:Bat Per Team:4 Advantages:Can jump higher and farther than average player. Takes a lot more damage with his bat, usually killing the enemy in one hit. Per Team: No limit -Spy- Prostetutes:No MaxHP:100 MaxBA:100 General Speed:75% Running Breath:Infinite Weapons:Handgun,Uzi,Bat Advantages:Invisible while not moving Per Team: 2 -Spanked Up Madman- Prostetutes:No MaxHP:25 MaxBA:25 General Speed:300% Running Breath:Infinite Weapons:Flamethrower Advantages:Explodes when killed Per Team: 1 Thoughts and suggestions?
  10. You might just have a slow computer. I have a 1.1 AMD with a Geforce4 Ti and I can record just fine
  11. I never figured out the flying thing. All it seems to do for me is make the car elevate every so amount of seconds. then when i try to accellerate i cant because the wheels arent touching the ground
  12. Haha, imagine seeing a drugged up person , going really slow. You could pick him off in a second.
  13. Its cool. Great if you want to have a fair race.
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