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  1. I know a little here and there if yeah need me jus pm me
  2. Sounds like a good deal to me!! GO MTA!!!!
  3. smdtherock

    The "Crypts"

    Yo im a born cryp and i jus wanted to tell anyone that if they wanna join the most terrifying gang in GTA3 join us. We accept all crypts including..... 1. Born Crypts 2. Made Crypts(if you have had a freak accident and are now a crypt join up) thats all..... My name is ~~GaNgBaNgEr1~~ we will organize shootings and rapes all over liberty city so if your down post..... ~add~ oh yeah and we will meet for ginger ale and marshmellows every friday....
  4. smdtherock

    New talk

    thats true but think of how far people are taking this.....people starting "gangs".....if thats going to happen i think there needs to be in game chat. But on another note yes i believe that net code should be 1st priority!!
  5. well now i guess that shut him up by the way good job its a big improvement
  6. ok first off you should have read other posts i have seen this question many times go to your mta.exe and start it click play mta(sp is single player) once you start a new game(when the credits are going) alt+tab and you will then want to start up ase, pick a server, click into the server window which auto launches when you start mta and copy ip WALLAH!!!! click back into gta3 and after a few seconds the credits should disappear and your in....
  7. go to google.com and search the all seeing eye it should be the 1st link also you could have jus read my post labeled "ase"
  8. ok i joined a server then my friend on my network joined the server but we can't see each other and we dont see the same poeple its so gay why is this happening???!!!!
  9. hmm maybe im just dumb but i know i have to use this to find games but where is it???????
  10. ok cool now with the ase whats that "all seeing eye" i dont understand what it is is it a prog that came with mta??
  11. after you start a new game alt+tab then connect to a server then it should auto start thats what it did for me
  12. wow i played it once and i loved it then i closed down and tried to play again and sweet and error....can someone help oh yeah and also wtf is ase i can't seem to figure it out oh yeah and after the numbers it says "the connection is reset by remote side"
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