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  1. Sandstorm

    Random Crap

    Recently me and a couple friends got together and desided to mess around with a camcorder. We started filming stuff and it became very humorous. We now have 5 videos and are planning to sell them. REMOVED to view our site feel free to post on the forum we have alot of stuff on the forum some of it can be distubing. The videos will be editted soon and up for sale look for them soon on our site.
  2. ive seen them get on b4 they just arnt on now
  3. u'd think if u had 150 people on your list they would get on every once and a while
  4. crap cus every one i have on msn is offline
  5. i got a admin account to http://s8.invisionfree.com/RandomCrap/ that forum and i screwed with the word filter if. spam the crap out of it . they think they can run my forum better than i can
  6. hmmmm if this ever gets off the ground put the islands far away from each other and u have 2 use helicopter 2 get 2 the other game islands cus GTA3 based on NYC and VC is based After Maiami Or make a overpass conecting that incompleted tunnel in shore side vale to the back of the stadium gonna be sweet having dog fights in Hunters
  7. i want to see gang missions. -=ATTACK and DEFEND=- team1 attacks a object team2 defends it -=BACK alley BRAWLS=- both teams meet in a narrow alley like in Chinatown -=DONT HAVE A TITLE YET=- Team1 has to drive there car to the exstraction point Team2 has to stop the car/cars from ariving(kind of like salvatores called a meeting) -=Roof Top Rumble=- All out Rumble on the Rooftop of the building in portland harbor Last man left on the roof wins(no weapons) Last but not least no idea if this is posible -=The Big Iowa Surf=- Every one starts ontop of the train in portland Team1 is in the back of the train Team2 is in the front Everything goes if you fall of you automaticly die
  8. phills the redneck patriot arms dealer that was in the army that had 1 arm in gta3..... he owns a hummer so what the military base has the hunter"Apatche Helicopter"
  9. Making my new gang what should gang colors be
  10. I like your idea but xerox is rite thats alot of money also it would take some time mabey if i win a million dolars some how ill buy about 50 servers and hook them together
  11. heres 1 more sniper skin that i made
  12. i sugjested it in the Post called Gang Wars and i allready made some skins
  13. Yes Can you belive it im back after a couple of weeks and i got another new idea for a game type this one is off of "Destruction Durby 64" for Nintendo 64. All Players start in their respected cars. One Player is randomly chosen as "IT" "IT" has so much time lets say 2 minutes to hit another player If "IT" does not ram any of the players in the selected time "IT's" car explodes If It sucessfully rams a player the clocks remaining time is switched to the player that was hit and they become it. Every time a "It's" Car Explodes another "It" Is randomly Chosen Last player Standing i mean driving wins All Dead players respawn after 1 player is left standing
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