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  1. https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Resource:DxDraw3DText#The_dxDraw3DText_function
  2. Biblioteka 'dx' wymaga renderowania co klatkę, więc dxDrawText musi być umieszczony w evencie onClientRender. function showPremium() local px,py,pz = getElementPosition(getLocalPlayer()) local x,y,z = getElementPosition(getLocalPlayer()) local distance = getDistanceBetweenPoints3D ( x,y,z,px,py,pz) if distance <= 10 then local sx,sy = getScreenFromWorldPosition ( x, y, z+1.12, 0.05 ) if not sx then return end local scale = 0.01/(0.01 * (distance / 1)) dxDrawText ( "Premium", sx, sy, sx, sy + 25, tocolor(255,230,100,255), math.min ( 0.07 *(180/distance),1.8), "clear-normal", "center", "bottom", false, false, false ) end end function premiumhud() addEventHandler("onClientRender", localPlayer, showPremium) end addCommandHandler("premium", premiumhud)
  3. Just post everything here - in the forum.
  4. This code you gave us looks okay, there is no error in it. So the point is that something must be badly scripted in this 'faction package'.
  5. Man, when player logs out he is no longer logged in. Look what argument onPlayerLogout event gives. account thePreviousAccount, account theCurrentAccount Do you see? So, addEventHandler("onPlayerLogout", getRootElement(), function (acc, _) local name = getPlayerName ( source ) if isObjectInACLGroup("user." .. getAccountName(acc), aclGetGroup("Admin")) then exports[getResourceName(resource)]:addNotification(root, name.." kilépett a tulajdonos szolgálatból!", "success") end end )
  6. "onClientKey" "onClientClick" setElementData getElementData dxDrawText
  7. You are just making tables witch each race mode storing players in it, and put them in different dimensions.
  8. So you want to get EVERY vehicle frozen while player exits vehicle?
  9. If owner exits the vehicle, just freeze it. setElementFrozen
  10. WhoAmI


    If you want to collect how many kills did player get you have to make it s-side and store it in table. local kills = {} addEventHandler("onPlayerWasted", root, function(_, killer) if isElement(killer) and getElementType(killer) == "player" then local killInt = kills[killer] if not killInt then killInt = 0 end kills[killer] = killInt + 1 end end)
  11. Ask in your language section, we can't understand you.
  12. WhoAmI

    what's wrong?

    if guiGetText(editLogin) ~= "" and guiGetText(editPassword) ~= "" then --not empty end
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