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  1. Hello, today after long time of working and development I decided to sell my own resources that I created .. all of them are lua I just created a copy ideas of CIT not original AND MANY RESOURCES SEND MESSAGE HERE OR WHATSAPP; [Edited] OR MESSENGER FACEBOOK [Edited]
  2. Leo Messi


    So okay, I've got an email script from the MTA SA community which lets you able to send an email by using a specified GUI ingame and u put the email that you want to send to, like [email protected] Well, so seems like the PHP link has expired, has anyone another link? local randomMails = {"[email protected]", "[email protected]", "[email protected]", "[email protected]", "[email protected]"} function fromRandom() return randomMails[math.random(#randomMails)] end function sendCustomMail(subject, header, sendto, mail) local header = "From: "..subject.." <"..(header or fromRandom())..">" callRemote("http://mta.skcit.tk/emailer.php", returns, subject, header, sendto, mail) -- This website is not available any more so add the PHP files in your own website and put URL here. end addEvent("sendEMail", true) addEventHandler("sendEMail", root, sendCustomMail) function returns(msg, num) if msg == "ERROR" or (not msg) then outputDebugString("E-Mail not sent due to webpage errors, check the script and/or page provided.", 2) else outputDebugString(msg, num or 3) end end
  3. Hello, I'm selling CIS 2017 resources which is like CIT to be more clear, I don't sell leaked or .luac resources, so if someone wanted to say stolen or .luac resources I want to say you're wrong, contact me in FB: https://www.facebook.com/majd.shikh1 Or add me in WhatsApp: +972 0504557506 ^ Add me in these social media to get more info, price isn't a problem for me.
  4. Good idea, but wastes time and I already made it before I need something new
  5. So simple and easy, I want to make something like; for example; I created an icon (static image) and if I clicked near this image it will add event on it like onClientGUIClick and get a message with 'You clicked on x image' for example. Just like CIT rapid transportation map to be clear.
  6. Hello, since I don't have paypal or something to pay on, is there any host which accepts mobile payment, like entering my phone number and receive an SMS to confirm the host just like; delux-host but Delux host is no longer available, please?
  7. How's it possible? can't you give me an example? Thats my map img window = 'hidden' -- Window stuff is hidden map = guiCreateStaticImage(12.5, 25, 700, 700, "map.png", false, window)
  8. Is it possible to get F11 things like (turfs) into a static image in a gui?
  9. Leo Messi


    Thank you, I already done it. Thanks bro.
  10. Leo Messi


    Can't you give me an example?
  11. Leo Messi


    Hello, I want help in something for example I created the a map just like F11, once I click on any place on the map it will create a blip on the x, y of the position I choosed, I tried but didn't work.. -- WINDOW is created but it's useless so I removed it from this code. map = guiCreateStaticImage(10, 25, 700, 685, "map.png", false, window) -- I CREATED Command handler of opening the gui, etc. function createDest() if source ~= map then return end if isElement(blipImg) then destroyElement(blipImg) outputChatBox(getPlayerName(localPlayer).." has removed the group destination.", 0, 255, 0) return end local x, y, worldx, worldy, worldz = getCursorPosition() local x2, y2 = guiGetPosition(source, false) if worldx == x2 and worldy == y2 then outputChatBox(x) outputChatBox(y) blipImg = createBlip(x, y, 10, 3, 2, 255, 0, 0, 255, 0) end end addEventHandler("onClientGUIDoubleClick", guiRoot, createDest)
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