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  1. Need help for a fairly easy RPG Script, If you can script please reply in this script by filling in the application under: Name: Age: MSN or Some form of Contact: Worked with a server(s) before: Released anything before: How much time a day will you have to script: Are you experienced well: (Can PM Info if you want to keep private) The server will need both complicated and easy scripts added to it, but if i can get 2-3 ppl then i can set different tasks for each of you (scripts to make and implent to gamemode etc) then if you guys make scripts we put them in server and make as least bugs as possible, if we could get one very experienced scripter than thats even better, i have written the plans file so i just need to give it to you guys if your accepted I am still thinking of things we can do to make the server stand out as a server, if you have ideas dont be afraid to share them, would be cooler if we had your ideas aswell as mine so you guys feel more free when your scripting, and since our projects will be fairly big ur knowledge in LUA will be increased, as will mine as i learn
  2. Okay, Does anyone know how to fuix the #-028 Downloading error?
  3. come on my serv and talk snert
  4. I have SLRfuel but when im in a car it dont show fuel?
  5. Serverport and HTTPport are in the config. You should portforward both. And make sure they're not exactly the same, ofcourse. (like: server 22004, http 22005) Snert, how come my resources dl wont work still?
  6. Register command is automatically implented. You only need to add a few things. EDIT: Getting download error #0-28 Ill try now, Thanks Snert
  7. oooo Yay my server works , Come play sometime, also, register command i need one so i can Let players store their cash in the bank
  8. I'll give you advice, but scripting is the thing you should do yourself mate! http://development.mtasa.com/index.php? ... eColCuboid http://development.mtasa.com/index.php? ... olShapeHit http://development.mtasa.com/index.php? ... ShapeLeave http://development.mtasa.com/index.php? ... layerMoney Also, you can check the coordinates you need by opening the admin panel and clicking on yourself while you're on the ship. Then write down X,Y and Z. (2 decimals are enough in this case I think ) How you open admin panel, and anything for the saving everything?
  9. Sorry, but they are non-public scripts. If you really want them, you can always try to script them. But server owners are not very keen on copycats... =/ I'd suggest that you are just going to learn scripting from that huge wiki. It'll take some time, but keep on going and you'll make it. Know how to do the money one please mate?
  10. yea, and i want some of the scripts they had, ex. the pirate bay money, and the full menu like them
  11. I Changed my server port to 7777, But what ports should i unblock, whats my server and http port ment to be?
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