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  1. I say good luck to both of you I dunno where someone said this but the best netcode wins and i think thats the most trueful thing but anyway you guys gotta relax, notice its a game. And rather than do none-sense yelling, make releases to PROVE to others and crap. That way, everybody wins!
  2. LOL! SEE, sexy women always get us men into problems. lol
  3. Aw man, there is another bug in it It says somethin about "Blokker Sucks" lol jk, just keep up the good work.
  4. here is an interesting idea anyone play rocket arena for quake? well there are 2 cities here, with the multiworld mod, u will have like 5. Each city should be able to have a gamemode. Than that way, in a server you don't have to play 1 game, but all. after u cross a bridge ur in the other game mode or not, wtv u guys like
  5. Road_kill

    GTA WO

    why are they trying to make a story? If you ask me, they should finish all the convertion, release it to public, than start on story. so we can all have fun playin the maps in vice city
  6. even this? lol jk whats gonna be in the new .2 and net code anyway? just curious for what we should wait for
  7. back to the GOOD PART that hot chick has a good body but i'm sorry, shes a whore now about the game COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
  8. See my momma was right, GTA has bad effect on ya lol jk way to go blooker u and ur team rock i have to admit, i don't play it that much, but the whole concept is awesome. I'm just waitin for animations, so i know how to shoot the guy better, and game modes. Than i'll play alot more. and maybe total smoothness. But still GREAT JOB
  9. Hehe, me and some ppl online had good fun. There are ramp trucks. One near the construction buildin. And one near movie studio. Well we grabbed em, put em in a middle of a long highway (the 2nd city) we got 3 helis parked it in front of it now DAREDEVIL TIME go fast, and fly over all of em awesome fun Know any other places where u can get alot of air with those ramps? If so post plz EDIT: It'd be cool if can get money for ur jumps, and than go to like paintjob and fix stuff blah blah blah.
  10. Uh-oh better make the best of it *grabs his prono colleciton, and goes through em*
  11. LOL yea its both freaky so hard to shoot ppl down game modes would really be nice now we try to make our own in the game "race to light house" but still no funnny we need drive by shootin and walkin animatinos
  12. GREAT MOD pretty stable and everything when do you think the new netcode will come? and less of ppl glidin
  13. One thing i've learned. Competition is GREAT! when 2 companies rival, the customers get the most out of it. Just look at ATI and Nvidia. Thanks to them, we ahve faster cards and cheaper prices. But look at Microsoft. they own it all, and they jack the prices high and take there sweet ass time. I support you both. And I think, if this is a volunteer mod, you guys should help eachother out (code wise) to make the best multiplayer.
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