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  1. News from august 2003 Servers (17/08/2003 @ 21:47 CET) by Blokker_1999 Due to an unknown reason the directory containing the downloads of the server files was cleared. I uploaded the files again and they can be downloaded again. Really sorry for the problems. hmmm looks like it's stll broken http://www.multitheftauto.com/downloads ... onf024.zip
  2. I haven't tried this yet myself but I thought that it was pretty damn cool so I'm gonna post some info and a download link for it here !! Link to download Vice City Force Feedback Emulator Vice City Force Feedback Emulator - UDATED AGAIN: v1.2 Non-Beta Have you ever wanted to feel all the bumps and bangs when going for a midday cruise around Vice City? Well thanks to LithJoe and me its now possible. I've created the first Force Feedback emulator (enabler) for Vice City. Some of you who have tried my RTC fix for Colin McRae Rally 3 will enjoy the features of this Add-On. - Whats new in version 1.2 on 8/11/03? *Fixed a bug that didn't allow a large collision to play a force *Added 'Wait for collision trigger to reset' option *Added 'Realtime' option *Fixed problems with Magnitude multiplier *Fixed scroll-bars (SmallChange = 1) *Changed Test buttons to F7 & F8 because of conflict with Trainer *Better error handling on start-up - Whats new in version 1.1 on 8/9/03? *Proper Collisions, even on-foot *New detection that fixes problems with damage-proof cars *The game controls the magnitude for Collisions - varied magnitude *Full gun feedback when firing with anything *Defaults changed *Event List *Clickable ON/OFF button *Buttons 1 & 2 test forces while in-game *Faster response
  3. still some bugs in this mod unhandled exception I guess it's cause of trainers and to many exsplosions ?? I don't know I'm just a gamer not a coder _The_Nothing_ has attached this image:
  4. Damn this is so damn cool man I can't wait till your next realease !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. it happened about 20 min. into killing ppl there was like 29 outta 32 players online I was in the middle of the road where you first spawn in other than that I don't know I was playing just fine untill this happened
  6. must be cause there's just so many players on a game ? hmmm don't know but I thought I'd post this so the team can see what the problem is on the next version and fix this
  7. lol but I was somehow using DracoBlues Tournament mod still while playing MTA that was kinda trippy lol
  8. I went through the ase and still saw chatting from players playing lol GTA but I saw this hehehehe
  9. lmao damn it this is driving me freakin nutzzz I still can't join a game man I wanna play !!!!!!!!!!!
  10. can someone help me with this why does this happen I start everything just like I suppose to but then the screen freezes up and I get that annoying ping noise and wa la I get the pretty little message below lol opps ok here's what happens when I change versions [/img]
  11. but there was no read me in the download file lol thats why I asked other wise I would have figured it out on my own OPEN now lmao this is what I have MTA:VC v0.1 SORRY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I down loaded it again and installed it now it works just fine !!! CLOSED (if I could )
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