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  1. Picture looks ok, but will they be able to shoot etc? punch with fists and interact with the real players
  2. Well i sure hope so, rather a tester or someone commented on that Or maybe a video or picture showing that. So many views but so little comments....Little worrying considerin imagine if it was just a person that is standing in one position all day like the amunation etc, Please a tester or someone re-assure us that by 'ped support' you meant pedestrians walking around etc. Thanks, Ganja
  3. Most notable new scripting functions: - Ped support Hello this is Ganja, I was wondering about what you meant when you said Ped Support, Did you mean pedestrians walking around etc or did you mean one little man standing in one location selling drugs or guns etc. PLease can you explain what was meant, so the community may realise what is being said. Thank you very much in advance DaGanjaMan
  4. Well, using the idea of when teh weather goes into a sand storm, then you could use those textures but make it change direction so it spins instead. but i guess that would be too hard to tell it to do a diferent movemet method.
  5. I'm just happy no ones said "Thats a stupid idea" yet Thanks for the replies and for the information on whats possible and what isn't much apreciated.
  6. I was thinking, after looking at the raining hay picture posted today, I thought What about implementing a tornado feature? I know it sounds weird, but i think it would be cool if a tornado was implemented and it could pick up objects that the user has put into the map eg. hay would fly around in circles and you'd see a grey tornado spinning, and it could pick up objects that are close to it, a "escape the tornados" gamemode would be cool, There would be more than one tornado and you have to try and escape it, Anyways, hope you like my suggestion... DaGanjaMan
  7. Its nice to hear that suchs prats like your self actually have friends, now stop complaining about mta not being realeased and go out with them.
  8. Right now, For all those pricks who say "Oh why are you taking so long, realease the mtadm now i cant wait anymore" I have the solution to your problems, you see that big door at the front of your house, try opening it and going OUTSIDE and maybe just maybe then you will see time fly by and you won't complain so friggin much, try getting out instead of complaining, trust me it helps alot, when i heard mta dm was coming out n i saw the pictures i was like wow, when its realeased its gonna be great, as time slowly passed and it didnt come out, i just thought oh well, when there ready they'll realease it , so i decided to go out my front door and make friends that are not in a monitor screen, you guys should try that instead of whining, please just shut up and wait like the rest of us
  9. DaGanjaMan


    yea im tired of it too, just wait for da release instead of complaining like its a 5 minute job and they dont even get payed for it, so be happy your gettin anythin considering its free.
  10. Yeah great updates im hoping to see mta dm this month good work guys and keep it up!
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