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    Help verdana.ttf

    Head over to C:\Windows\fonts\ and check to see if you've got the verdana font file in there. MTADiag throws an error about it, stating there's no such file/file could not be opened.
  2. Hi, welcome to the forums! I'll lock this thread because you've posted another one (which has just a little more details in it) about the same issue. Please make sure you avoid creating duplicate threads in the future!
  3. This is indeed quite strange. What are you using to store data/bans? As in, do you use a certain DB or the default way of handling accounts (through the internal DB)?
  4. Vinyard

    Help verdana.ttf

    If none of the solutions presented by Vampire worked for you (those found here: https://forum.multitheftauto.com/topic/136337-verdanattf-error/?do=findComment&comment=1011766), then please download and run MTADiag and follow the instructions provided there. Post any Pastebin URL MTADiag gives you.
  5. Vinyard


    Locking this as OP is inactive (hasn't logged since posting this topic) and there's no issue presented in order for us to provide solutions.
  6. Vinyard

    GENRL problems

    Hi, sorry for the delay. You might've installed them wrong or maybe the mod files could be corrupted? Haven't really worked with sound mods, but MTA closing due to the modified sound may only mean something's either wrong with the installation of that mod or the mod itself has a problem. There's really not much we can do on our side about it. Only advice I can give you is to remove the mod and play without it. If you're not sure how to revert your mods, perform a clean install on GTA.
  7. Hi, Based on your information, I'll rather escalate this. Please wait to be contacted here or in private. @Tut
  8. Hi, welcome to the forums! What's your issue exactly? You don't have to provide any private information, but there's a big chance your issue can be resolved without PMing forum admins.
  9. Locking this as the thread is a bit old. There are code snippets above, as Shady stated, but if you have further issues/questions on this matter, please create a new topic. @Gyrosos
  10. Locking this as the issue has been solved.
  11. Moving this to the Arabic section.
  12. Please create your own topic in this section. Locking this to avoid any other bumps to this 6 year-old topic.
  13. This will stay locked.
  14. Hi, welcome to the forums! I've moved your thread to the Spanish section as this is the proper place to get assistance in your native language. Make sure to always use English when posting outside this section!
  15. This is quite an old topic and OP hasn't been seen in over more than a year. Locking this to avoid other bumps.
  16. Vinyard

    Ban Ac#4 Trainer

    Duplicate of this:
  17. Hi, Your thread has been moved to the Portuguese scripting section so you can get better assistance in your native language.
  18. Vinyard

    verdana.ttf error

    Locking this then.
  19. Vinyard

    Reason Bye

    Hi, welcome to the forums. You've most likely been banned. Please create a ban appeal in this section: https://forum.multitheftauto.com/forum/180-ban-appeals/ Make sure to provide your serial (you can grab it by launching MTA, opening up the console with F8 then typing 'serial' without any quotes) and any relevant information you may find useful/relevant.
  20. Vinyard


    Locking this as per OP's request.
  21. Vinyard

    verdana.ttf error

    So is your problem fixed? That's what I've been asking earlier.
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