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  1. What's up everyone, I know everyone has their own opinion in what browser(s) they like to use so I wanted to know what's your favourite browser. Mine's Brave which uses Chromium as it's base interface.
  2. ? Wow is this where it started? or y'all still talking about the girl thing. Happy Birthday PR!
  3. Jaysds1

    Client Not Starting

    Hey all, It's been awhile since I've been here lol Anyways; I am running linux and I've been testing little stuff to get GTA running and I ended up running it with steam, now I'm trying to get MTA running with it and I came to a conclusion that I don't know any extra requirements to use for it. Using PlayOnLinux(Use of WINE): GTA:SA Works (Steam Version) Installation of MTA:SA complete Start of MTA:SA fails (https://pastebin.mtasa.com/324878746) Additional Info (https://imgur.com/a/SFqCtht)
  4. Can't Wait! Just installed Ubuntu on my new system. Saving up for Windows to get back into this.
  5. Currently that would be the only way as it's the server owners job to translate text for any foreign people.
  6. Jaysds1

    Lua 5.3?

    In general I like upgrades but if there's nothing wrong with the current version and the whole community isn't invested into the upgrade then I would just say leave it. Create a poll if you really want the community decision.
  7. Community Resources: Released Resources: N/A Upcoming Resources: N/A Planning Resources: N/A To start this off I just got to say everything discussed here could make it's way into any resources but the main point here is to give opinions based on how you want the community resource to be and feature what ever you want. After saying that I would like to welcome you to the first ever topic/thread about us coming together creating a community resource where everything mentioned and agreed upon with the community would be put into a community resource. To get started we shall now come up with a resources that we all probably want to share as a community; example is like a in-game script editor or housing system. Everything is going to be talked about in individual topics I created by me (Only to keep spam down) and the resources would be posted on the MTA Community website under a username I still have to create and will be public after the first resource goes live. Pitch your ideas and for what resource you are talking about in an example post: Current Topic: N/A We'll change the current topic to who ever posts first.
  8. It looks nice and open for an over crowded party Btw, you guys could use the rating system on the topic.
  9. Honestly I there's a really slim chance on you finding that. Check this out tho:
  10. Sorry I don't get the question... And you're asking this in the wrong section.
  11. I enjoyed the little intro to the server but you always got to think about how returning users are going to be waiting long for them to get back into the game.
  12. There's so much things I had planned for MTA until I became an adult and went to college then need to work now... Hopefully I have time one day to accomplish everything I want to finish up.
  13. Guess I went into the wrong game mode field then cause I thought Storymode was going to get a chance.
  14. Yea I was somewhat questioning the same thing until I just played MTA again and forgot about it. Enjoy yourself, MTA is always trying to get away from Windows difficult lifestyle.
  15. Well in general no one likes long loads. What's the file size for the mod?
  16. It looks promising so far, I'd give it a shot.
  17. Hm, I'm thinking if it's a scripting issue, I'll keep you guys posted on when to try it out or not.
  18. Thanks but I think a web version would be easy to work with and require no space on your hd.
  19. Can you provide a screenshot? Here's how it's suppose to look:
  20. More like this: addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick", GUIEditor.button[1], GUIEditor.tab[1], false)
  21. Jaysds1

    New object

    I'm not 100% sure what's the difference between SAMP objects and MTA objects but even if SAMP has more objects or whatever than us, we'll gain more within a few months time.
  22. Jaysds1

    draw video

    If I remember right that @Solidsnake14 created an animated working GIF either through a simple script or a resource.
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