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  1. You can use getElementBoundingBox to get vehicle sizes, or getElementRadius.
  2. San Andreas runs on DirectX 9.
  3. Resources _should_ start their dependencies automatically, if you've properly specified them in their meta files.
  4. In what way don't they work?
  5. eAi

    Database MTA

    Or use sqlite which is free and built in, and generally fine for whatever you want...
  6. Hey ChrML, good to see you here - you've certainly been missed. I'm in a similar situation to you (though I did commit some code this year!) MTA, and other mods I guess, are always been like that - people come and go. Real Life often gets in the way! If you're ever in London, let me know.
  7. You've got the right basic idea, just move the createMarker inside your for loop.
  8. Nothing can protect against DDOS except for just having enough capacity to deal with the traffic, as Arran says. Any code you write in onPlayerConnect could actually just make things worse, as that has to be run for every joining players.
  9. This is a REALLY bad thing to do. Giving clients direct access to run queries on your database leaves you incredibly vulnerable to anyone who manages to add their own script to their client. They can then delete everything in your database. For the most part, if a function isn't available on the client, then there's a good reason - normally either security or performance.
  10. You can do a very similar thing with Lua embedded in HTML. Search for "resource web access" on the wiki.
  11. Why would you want to do that?
  12. Try editing your script and your map file just down to the code you've pasted, because I can't see anything obvious wrong with them...
  13. You need to cast a minimum of three rays, I think there are some edge cases that would require more. You need to cast three rays with the same direction, in a triangle - let's call them rays A, B and C. The angle ABC should be at 90 degrees along the direction of the ray. Assuming all three rays hit, you should calculate the vectors B -> A and B -> C Normalize those vectors. Cross product those two vectors. You should have the surface's normal. You'll have problems if one vector doesn't hit (the very edge of an object) and also at the intersection of two objects, but if you make the distance between the rays as small as possible, you shouldn't really notice this. It also won't work at very acute angles. Or just wait for 1.1
  14. eAi

    How to use..

    Well, how about someone fixes it?
  15. I had this problem - I fixed it by deleting the cookies. Somehow something was messed up when the forum was upgraded (or the server moved, I can't remember which) and the cookies were pointing at the wrong domain - I think.
  16. Feel free to implement it - the code is there and it'd be a nice easy thing for someone to do to learn the MTA codebase.
  17. Spawn points should be specified in map files really.
  18. If I get a moment, I'll add password support and a request id.
  19. Have a look how some of the standard resources are set up - many of them are split over a number of different files.
  20. How would you do it?
  21. You can do the same with meta.xml. Require would let you load a file from an arbitrary path.
  22. callRemote should really support passwords, shouldn't it?
  23. Well, if you can modify it to generate something like the PHP script linked below, then it'd be great http://pastebin.com/D1Qv77NN Fixed setPlayerTeam.
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