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  1. I think you can use this: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/En ... rldTexture
  2. OK, it seems like nobody is gonna help me with my problem.
  3. Sorry for bumping, but I got back with this unfinished business. I checked freecam script but it's not possible to force a player to aim somewhere or something, so with animations and changing ped rotation you can't. Freecam it's just a flying camera, but nothing to do with the player. I can attach the camera with bone functions to the player but the player will never be able to aim because the lack of this functions. I wanted to do a more accurate shooting system than the current one for a RP project. Thanks for your answers, and I apologize for earlier, I was a little upset.
  4. So what you said means that MTA isn't able to do it, and if there won't be functions for the camera, it'll never be possible with the current ones. I give up with my script.
  5. Bump. I know that, but the problem is when you use setCameraMatrix, your crosshair will be locked, you can't aim anything. I saw the script truefps, but that it does is colliding the camera with an object, but what I need is to put the camera beside of the player. I still need this, although it seems to be not possible in MTA, that the weird part.
  6. That is the question. I have seen the changes in the wiki: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Changes_in_1.3.1 But I don't see where I can get it, that's really weird. I'm eager to test the new functions .
  7. According to the wiki, setPedAimTarget won't work with the local player. And setPedRotation just sets the ped angle from 0 to 360.
  8. Nope, It won't work. I saw that resource and what it does is attach a object with alpha 0 behind of you that collides with your camera, pretending just zooming it in, but what I want is put the camera beside of the player, therefore it won't work. Seems like MTA can't do this, I hope in the next version of MTA setCameraMatrix will have an argument that allows you to move your aim. Like this: bool setCameraMatrix ( player thePlayer, float positionX, float positionY, float positionZ [, float lookAtX, float lookAtY, float lookAtZ, float roll = 0, float fov = 70, bool ableToAim = false ] ) The bad news is that this is possible in SA-MP, because I did some script .
  9. Ok, I'm gonna try it out.
  10. Yes, I know it but the problem is that when you use setCameraMatrix, you can't target anything. Seems like setCameraMatrix locks the ped target. I hope you understand what I mean, because I don't speak english very often.
  11. Can you give some idea how I can do it? I'm new here, sorry. MTA has so many features, I'm not used to script in Lua yet.
  12. I tried it with bone_attach resource, attaching a invisible object (setElementAlpha and setElementCollisionsEnabled) and getting its possition with onClientPreRender, but it still doesn't work. Any ideas? EDIT:I also noticed when you use setCameraMatrix, your character can't move his crosshair, I don't know if it's a bug, but maybe what I want to do is impossible in MTA.
  13. I decided to make some new weapon aiming cameras, I tried with setCameraMatrix in onClientPreRender and I failed. Is there a way to do a first person aiming camera or putting the camera beside of the character? With the camera beside of the character I mean like GTA 4. Like this:
  14. Sharingan

    MTA V?

    It's fake because there's no info about that ex-employee and R* never reveal info about their games, there was never info leaked from Rockstar games.
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