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  1. XetaQuake, is there any chance i could use the cords, i have been workin on something similar, to this fuel script but mine doesnt use a progress bar, i have got about 10 or 12 gas stations but cant find any more will be releasing mine hopefully in a couple of days if a can get it finnished
  2. [UVA]Bart


    can some one sort this blue tak out he doesnt know what hes on about ( worst than lil^san )
  3. [UVA]Bart

    A bit help

    u dunt know what ur on about jammydogers ffs there bracket mismatches every where !
  4. cause hes using the level for prs.ban duh not to tell it to ban them!
  5. ok in the script that i have made you can enable or disable the stats, window and enable or disable the bank script, i have so far made it so that players can use the petrol stations and other things in game, banks are on next on my list. i fixed the laggy ness of the script for the next release
  6. ive made a script which saves cash to xml and has a stats window thing which shows stats currently working on things to buy it gives you money for like head shot is 100 $ and so on
  7. he hasnt got the loop to use %a
  8. you think thats like a amazing script mine has had them functions for like 4 months
  9. ok lol i not done right much mirc scripting so i preaty much forgot eveything nearly lol so here goes lol try this any errors post here /* ///////////////////////////////////// ////// AddCash: [uVA]Bart ////// ///////////////////////////////////// */ on *:SIGNAL:mta.command: { if ($3 == !addcash) slr.addcash $1- } alias slr.addcash { var %a = $iif(($5 == $null),$2,$iif(($slr.id($1,$4) == $null),$2,$v1)) if ($prs.level($1,$2) < 5) mta.pm $1 $2 Error: Incorrect Level if ($4 == $null) || ($4 !isnum ) || ($5 == $null) || ($5 isnum ) || ($4 > 20000) mta.pm $1 $2 Error: !addcash <ammount> <nick> else { if ($prs.level($1,$2) >= 5) { !hinc -m pgscash mta.nick($1,%a) $4 mta.pm $1 $2 $mta.nick($1,%a) Has Had A Rise In Cash Of: $ $+ $4 } } } alias slr.id { var %a = 0 while (%a < $mta.server($1).players) { if ($+(*,$2,*) iswm $mta.nick($1,%a)) !return %a !inc %a } }
  10. is it for my script(Slr) or scoobys(Prs) ?
  11. no your not understanding my point, when a player is given code by pm and then uses !unlock yes all the other players can see the code therefore can use your name still
  12. there no point in making it work lol because when you !unlock people will see it so it is preaty pointless lol but will have a look later think a have one somewhere lol
  13. yes this script that a wrote is for mta race not mta dm they are both in 2 different languages, like i said i am trying to learn lua so that i can make some thing like my mta race script, but for dm
  14. i wish it could be used lol im trying to get to know lua so i can try and make something like this
  15. i dont use this but i know on my server you can changemap and mode without being logged in
  16. in the middle of the screen, you mean like mine frankie ? lol mines sweet altho i haven done right much due to collage but... its getting there how long is it going to be before v1.2 is out
  17. lol edit things /me laughs at lil^san for learning to edit things and not the propper thing
  18. do you think its worth releasing 1.1.4 ?
  19. im having the same problems
  20. [UVA]Bart

    Script ban

    toady you know teh commands from mtadm like getplayerserial and stuff can they be put in to commands such as !getserial like in mtarace !getip uses $mta.ip($1,%a) for !getserial would that be getplayerserial ( summet but dunno what )
  21. try testing it you will find out its part of learning scripting
  22. no like this on *:SIGNAL:mta.command { if ($3 == !kog) mta.text $1 Une équipe de noob's et cheaters ! elseif ($3 == !phoenix) mta.text $1 Meilleur ... y a pas ! }
  23. if your just after them of basic ones on *:SIGNAL:mta.command { if ($3 == !lol) mta.text $1 $mta.nick($1,$2) is laughing out loud } that ^ will work on its own in new script
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