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  1. shouldnt triggerEvent ( thePlayer, "ColHit", getRootElement () ) be triggerClientEvent ( thePlayer, "ColHit", getRootElement () )
  2. hey sorry its a bit late, i have had some trouble with the sql thing, altho the script is now running fully sql, i am tryign to get churchills idea into the script for tomorrow then i will take it from there, and the plane refills should be there soon if all goes well tomorrow and i dont have to do anything other than check ma grans dog then i shoudl be able to release it sorry i couldnt monday i had to go to the airport( a forrgot lol )
  3. Bad Points 1.) it doesnt hold any values client side 2.) the blips are created in the script not a .map file Good Points i have been working on a house, there for the progress of this script has been very slow, now the house has just been finnished yesterday, so i have a lot of free time to crack on with it, the time that i have had i have been making the script use SQL and not XML, the script doesnt use the players serial anymore but you are asked to login using your password specified, when you first join the sever, im sorry it has to be done this way untill the dp3 is released, and also i had a discussion with Codemaster lastnight about what happens when a player runs out of fuel and cannot reach the fuel station, that will alll be resolved soon, well when dp3 comes out because i need peds to make it work anyway keep checking back here and i will keep you informed about it, i should have updated the resources ither by to-night(providing i dont have to go out) or tomorrow night other than that please can some one do a appropriate list of whats not working due to the serial problems, it allworks for me because i have got a serial so.. i cannot find out unless i make another email-> another account. thanks jon
  4. go to google then download notepadd++ then open the file with it if your on about reading it or editing it
  5. no no no no, lets incorpirate race scripts like prs and slr into dm :D
  6. we could infact do it the older mtarace way lol, save everything to a players name lol and not serial for the time being, and make the player login using there password, so that other people cannot steel money, etc ....
  7. when using getPlayerUserName, wont you need a serial to connect the player to a mta account ?
  8. if your removing the child like we talked on msn, why dont you replace it with something else, then on a timer every 10 mins do a check through the file to remove anything, for instance say the xml was like this <data> <players name="joebloggs" status="active"/> </data> you could change the status to something like <data> <players name="joebloggs" status="remove"/> </data> then loop through the xml every 10 mins or so finding players with remove there and then deleate that node i think this is what you mean, if not sorry
  9. loop throught all the vehicles and give them a seperate id at the start of the map, or give them all a seperate id when they are created
  10. use a timer for when the player presses "l" it then calles the timer function which then tells the lights to flash
  11. o lol i have a command that makes the xml for me lol
  12. simply loop through the "vehicle" node and create them as you come across them thats how i do it and to add more vehicles to it just add a new line to teh xml "402" x="3527.734375" y="-1756.7296142578" z="90.276741027832" rotx="0" roty="0" rotz="1.6366271972656"/> "402" x="3536.3386230469" y="-1756.4110107422" z="90.276741027832" rotx="0" roty="0" rotz="357.89987182617"/> "402" x="3545.1743164063" y="-1754.8531494141" z="90.276741027832" rotx="0" roty="0" rotz="0.40658569335938"/>
  13. that maybe why my fuel script uses serials, and the serial thing is broken for mta
  14. well if its reading it wrong then some one must have edited the xml file or struckture. and yes it does look like that 50p
  15. sorry for ther double post but i just noticed something , the lines that are giving errors, have no errors on for instance on line 296 the "xmlNodeFindSubNode" error here is the loop function FindSlrPlayerNode ( SlrPlayer, user ) i = 0 local SlrPlayerSubNode = xmlFindSubNode ( SlrPlayer, "User", i ) while ( SlrPlayerSubNode ~= false ) do if ( xmlNodeGetAttribute ( SlrPlayerSubNode, "Serial" ) == user ) then return SlrPlayerSubNode end i = i + 1 SlrPlayerSubNode = xmlFindSubNode ( SlrPlayer, "User", i ) end return false end as you can see there is no type error there, funnly tho when i looked in the origional script that i downloaded from the resource department there seems to be no errors in the script, but you are showing me errors in your post and the lines you gave me both seem to be in the loops which i cannot get my head around.
  16. churchill, i am working on that now making them in seperate scripts that can be enabled and disabled according to what a player wants to run in the server, also there was no errors of such when it was dp2.1, there must have been a change in the dp2.2 or dp2.3. also churchill i have nearly re-wrote the fuel system in a different way by attaching a seperate id to the vehich so far i think its going ok but, i still dont get why those errors are suddenly arousing because they wasnt there, when i released it
  17. mta race, v1.1.1 but has now become v1.1.2 i think
  18. churchill do you have msn, i am a bit busy but i think i under stand what you mean about the functions and things, i can send you a edited version when i get a min to see if it is what you mean do you mean like this function addfunctiontrial(thePlayer, command ) slrAddToPlayerCash ( getPlayerSerial ( thePlayer ), 50 ) outputChatBox("player cash added via loop" ) end addCommandHandler("addCash", addfunctiontrial) function slrAddToPlayerCash ( userSerial, ammount ) local slrPlayer = xmlLoadFile ( "rpg_player.xml" ) local i = 0 local slrPlayerSubNode = xmlFindSubNode ( slrPlayer, "User", i ) while ( slrPlayerSubNode ~= false ) do if ( xmlNodeGetAttribute ( slrPlayerSubNode, "Serial" ) == userSerial) then local readPlayerCurrentCash = tonumber(xmlNodeGetAttribute ( slrPlayerSubNode, "Cash" )) + tonumber(ammount) xmlNodeSetAttribute ( slrPlayerSubNode, "Cash", readPlayerCurrentCash) xmlSaveFile ( slrPlayer ) end i = i + 1 slrPlayerSubNode = xmlFindSubNode ( slrPlayer, "User", i ) end return false end to add cash you use this slrAddToPlayerCash ( userSerial, ammount )
  19. the reason behind the other functions included in my script are posted in my last comment on the resource and im sorry if i upset you churchill, but i do prefair to have it all in one resource with the scripts named to what they do, as you will see when i come to release the next version, which i am currently tideying up as the script i do agree is a bit sloppy.
  20. im not very good with lua at the moment but i will look and see if i can load a .exe with a lua script, in the mta race mod i could load itunes up from within game and change the song and stuff but i dont know about lua altho i will try
  21. is it for mtasa race mod or the mtasa dm mod ?
  22. Ins use the script "prs 1.3" or "slr-v-1.1.3" they can do almost everything.
  23. create a blip then on the map where it is
  24. create a marker with a col circle inside and when you hit it give a player a jetpack.
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